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Feed Audit In this thread, we focus on everything about the feed Audit operation. Below, we answer the questions and comments you have about its use. Feed marketing guru Let us share interesting facts, observations, and work procedures that you have not yet thought of. Get inspiration to create effective solutions. PPC talking Set up PPC strategies using Mergado. This thread contains information on the online advertisement with the pay-per-click system. Migration Between E-commerce Solutions Do you no longer fancy the existing solution your online store runs on? Or do you need to import supplier feeds into it? This site provides practical information for migrating online stores from one solution to another and moving data between the distributor and the shop. Browse the posts below to set your feeds the easiest and fastest way. Affiliate Increase sales, differentiate yourself from the competition or build your brand’s name through affiliate marketing. With it, your online store will connect to websites that will promote your goods. Learn how to use this strategy using Mergado. Regular Expressions in Mergado Do you have questions about the use of regular expressions in Mergado? This place will help you to solve them. Here, you will find inspiration from practice. It will introduce you to other possibilities of using the regexes in online marketing. Errors and bugs Have you encountered an error or bug while working with Mergado? For our uncomplicated problem detection, please state date and time, detailed description and screenshot. Mergado - general discussion Here, we discuss everything that happens in Mergado - from new features and advice for setting it up, through the apps, to solving specific situations.
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