Some products do not receive updated images from FIE even after a full regeneration

Hello. I had a problem working with Feed Image Editor.

After installing new templates, I noticed that some products that are in queries for FIE do not receive updated images even after two full regenerations.

Example: “Кава в зернах Kimbo Aroma Gold 250гр” (you can search in by g:title)

It is in “Non discount in stock products” query, but with default image for some reason.

This is a big problem, because Facebook does not update the images immediately when downloading a feed (sometimes this can take a day).

And if some images are sometimes sent without an FIE overlay, this can lead to the fact that images without an overlay will constantly appear in advertisements.

Please tell me what is the reason for this. How to fix this.

UPD: I notice that the image link in the output feed just redirects to the original image link. Mb it helps you.

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I noticed that the image of product above has been updated, but I still see products with not updated images.

Current example: Горілка Хлібний Дар Пшенична 0.5л

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Hello @roxyjumptosky , we are experiencing a high demand event for image processing in last couple of hours which may lead to delays in delivering updated images. We are working on it, I apologize for inconvienence.

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Hello. Problem is still up.

Fresh example of product that did not get updated image: Вино Geo Alazani Valley червоне напівсолодке 0.75л

Sorry, I forgot to mention my online store -

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Thank you for reporting, it should be fixed right now.

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