Remove spaces in URL

I would like to remove spaces which are in the product URL of a feed. The URL contains this:

&utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=V18 Google shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term

where you see a space between Google Shopping as well as V18 and Google Shopping. Would it be possible to remove the spaces? I tried to use the Find and replace rule and write it the way it should be which is:


However, it didn’t seem to work :confused:

Thank you for any help,

Hello Caroline,

my approach would be similar I think, so using the Find and replace rule.

The settings of the rule would be:

  1. select element containing URLs
  2. type " " (space) in the FIND field
  3. leave the REPLACE field empty
  4. click Create

The rule would look like this:

Alternatively, you can use regular expression settings in the rule, with the same result. It this case, you would check the “Regular expression” checkbox and type “\s” in the FIND field. It would look like this:

Let me know if this works.

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Hi Radim,

Thank you for the description :slight_smile: I am using Blending Bull (sorry didn’t mention it before) so I am not able to select the “element” field specifically - is there some other way in Blending Bull?

Thank you!

I see. So in this case I ask @group_blendingbull for help :slight_smile:

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Hello @caroline

I will write you an e-mail. I would like to ask you to specify which output file in #blending-bull it is. This is not public information. So I’ll write an :email: email.