Mergado 2: The Products page

Mergado 2: The Products page

The improved element view on the Products page reflects the tree structure and improves the overall view. For example, by using empty values or input selection. Learn about all the changes when working with products.

:muscle: The new Products page allows you to:

:woman_technologist: 1. Element view

  • the new view distinguishes between the child and parent of an element
  • added options to display values from input/output/both
  • retained the display of differences, hidden and long values

Interface comparison for Mergado and Mergado 2.

:woman_teacher: 2. Table view

The new tabular view.

:point_right: The new toolbar includes (from left):

  • icons for special columns (Anchor, Image, Mergado ID, Product Name, Product Action)
  • tabs for presets (pairing, bidding, etc.) + custom preset, see below
  • block of icons for setting the display of input and output values (show only input/output, both, changes)
  • icon to hide/show a column for manual changes
  • block of icons for setting the behavior regarding multiple values (first, one value per row, selection of value separator)
  • pagination (the current Mergado also has it but in a different place)
  • icon for switching to fullscreen (the current Mergado also has it)

:arrow_up: In the header, you can find:

  • icon for sorting (not for special columns)
  • the column name now includes the option to visually distinguish the semantic property and the paths to elements
  • the column name has a label (on mouseover) that lists which paths to elements the data is taken from
  • a cross to temporarily hide the column (temporary = lost if e. g. the page is refreshed or the preset is changed and does not affect the saved custom preset)

:robot: Display enhancements

We have changed the display to match spreadsheet editor standards (e. g. from Google Sheets or Excel):

  • input is always on the left, output on the right
  • differences are displayed
  • numeric values are right aligned (IDs, prices, etc.)
  • differences between columns and cells have more distinct borders
  • new option to lock columns with special columns
  • cursor behaves like in Excel

:spiral_notepad: Note

Keyboard control remains the same as in the current Mergado.

:hammer_and_wrench: Custom preset

  • is a list of paths to elements
  • In the drop-down list next to the custom preset tab, you can set which columns will be displayed
  • the preset is saved for each user
  • reordering now works via drag and drop

If you have questions about setting up Mergado 2, please contact our support, or follow the forum category.

Thank you for continuing to help us improve Mergado.