Basic overview of regular expression tags

You can use regular expressions to search for products in MERGADO,and use them in some types of rules.

This table will help you learn the basic tags from which regular expressions can be constructed:

. period just one unknown character
* asterisk a particular character 0 to infinity times
? question mark specific character 0 or 1 times (character does not occur or occurs only once)
+ plus specific character 1 to infinity times (character occurs at least once)
[ ] square brackets one of a group of search characters
{ } curly brackets x repetition of a character or group of characters before the bracket
^ space from the beginning of the string
$ dollar from the end of the string
| colon one OR second character (Czech or)
\s space and other whitespace characters (tabs, newlines)
\d represents numbers from 0 to 9
\S or [^\s] anything except white characters, i.e. numbers and letters (negation of \s)
\D or [^\d] anything except numbers, i.e. white characters and letters (negation \d)

Additional sources for regular expressions:

  • We have written a PDF guide to using regular expressions in Mergad, you can download it on our website, in the press kit

  • You can also find other specific examples of using regular expressions on the blog under the tag Regular Expressions