Removing unnecessary words from the title element

Hello. Is it possible to remove unnecessary words from a title element based on their position in the line?

For example the title element now looks like this: “Brand” - “female/male” - “Product name” – “color” – “size”

I need to remove from it: first word, space, hyphen, space, second word, space, hyphen, space.

And the same thing, but at the end of the line.

In the end, I need only the middle part to remain in the title (highlighted in green).

Is it possible to somehow implement this through a rule or something else?

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It looks like you want to achieve the same value as you already have in the element title_alt_1 in your project.

So you can add the Rewrite rule, for rewriting title to new content:
%title_alt_1%. :wink:

:sweat_smile: Thanks for pointing this out.

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