MERGADO 2 - Attributes

MERGADO 2 now allows you to work with attributes.

What is an attribute?
An attribute is part of an element, it usually works as a specification parameter and carries a specific value. They are usually written in the first element but can occur in any element.

In the feed they can look like this:

  <SHOPITEM id="DEF87" import-code="fewfwf">


  <IMAGE description="desc image"></IMAGE>

In MERGADO, we mark these elements with @. The notation in Element-Path is then as follows:



IMAGES | IMAGE | @description

The enhanced Elements page allows you to create and manage attributes. You can work with their values where element names appear: rules, MQL, etc.

The special attribute @@POSITION is used to specify the position of the element.
For example, I have multiple values of the element <IMGURL_ALTERNATIVE>


The value is in the second position and the path to the element value (element-path) looks like:

Examples of use can be found in thread.

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