MERGADO 2 - Case-sensitivity

If a text is case-sensitive, uppercase and lowercase letters are NOT interchangeable. Example: “BEGIN”, “begin” and “BeGIn” are interpreted as 3 different words.

MERGADO 1 is not case sensitive in element names. There are different case settings within the application, mostly based on the format specification.

MERGADO 2 unifies everything and is case-sensitive in element names, hence where the names appear: in element-path, MQL and in column names of data files in the import rule.

For example, in data-file import rule, it makes a difference if you have g:availability_date or G:AVAILABILITY_DATE in the column (element) name. In contrast, the values themselves are case-insensitive (not case-sensitive). { PARAM_NAME = "COLOR" } it is the same as { PARAM_NAME = "COLOR" }.