Mergado 2: Elements page

MERGADO 2: Elements

New features on the Elements page make it easier for you to do several tasks at once - work with the feed, navigate in the tool, and filter in the elements. We have adapted the new options to the needs of shopping engines. Let’s describe them.

:muscle: The Elements page now allows you to:

  • manage immersion of elements
  • filter in attributes and multiple elements
  • wrap the element data into CDATA
  • distinguish case in element names (the current version cannot do this)
  • work with attributes
  • for each element, there can be any number of values ​​(currently only one value)
  • arrange the elements according to your own needs or format requirements

:woman_teacher: Differences between MERGADO and MERGADO 2

:one: How MERGADO works (current version):

It can do basic things:

  • list of all elements
  • creation of a new element
  • hide/unhide element
  • list of element values
  • export element values ​​to CSV

It does not allow:

  • sorting elements
  • creation of immersed elements and attributes
  • wrapping into CDATA
  • display of semantics (description of elements)

:two: How MERGADO 2 works:

  • The function and purpose of the site have not changed. It is still used for working with the feed elements and editing their properties.
  • We have modified the appearance to make the page easier to work with and to match the tree structure.
  • We have added features required by shopping engines that we could not implement until now.

:clipboard: What’s new on the Elements page:

1. area

  • element and origin searches remain
  • we added the option of input and custom filtering (here is the option of visibility, input, output, with values, and without values)

2. area

  • a completely new option for sorting elements
  • sorting is started via the drag and drop button - moving elements using the icon:

3. area

  • after checking an element, the options will be displayed more visibly at the top, including new elements:
  • bulk actions remain
  • the new element is the collapsing of elements onto the parent:
  • the top bar collapses all children (collapse only applies to one element)
  • we added the possibility to edit manually created elements and attributes directly by their name
  • the new element is also the designation for the @ attribute – if you want to create a new one, use the Add element button, type @, and the creation will switch to the attribute

4. area

  • added elements include CDATA wrapping and the option to add an immersed element if the given format supports it (only for XML, not valid for CSV)
  • changing the icon for hiding the element from the eye to a “slider”
  • the values ​​of the element are now available by clicking directly on its name - previously the icon:
  • another option is to click on the count number in the list

5. area

  • we improved the search by highlighting the search text, the descendants of the element are displayed even if they do not match the search term

If you have questions about setting up MERGADO 2, please contact our support, or follow the forum category.

Thank you for continuing to help us improve MERGADO.