The link to the generated image does not change in xml

Hello. There’s a problem! For the last 24 hours, correct links to images from the Feed Image Editor service have stopped being transmitted. We did Regenerate project many times. But they didn’t achieve any results. The link to the image in xml is not transmitted from the Feed Image Editor
Please tell me how to solve this problem?

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Hey there @dykyikram ,

we’ve been hit with a sudden rush of image processing requests in the past couple of hours. Just a heads up, this might cause a bit of a delay in getting those updated images to you. We’re on it though, working hard to sort things out. We apologize for any hassle this might cause.


Since yesterday morning this problem has been observed. The link to the image is not replaced :sleepy:

Hey @dykyikram , all images should be already processed.


Thank you. now everything is correct