Can't replace currency with a currency sign in FIE


The problem is this: I wrote 2 rules that replace UAH in the price attribute with ₴.

They worked fine, but for some reason FIE does not display these symbols in final render, although everything is displayed normally inside the editor.


I have understood why the problem occurs.

The font does not support the currency sign (₴ - Ukrainian Hryvnia), so it is not displayed in the final render.

Is it possible to fix it without replacing the font?

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Hello, we are already working on it and I confirm your discovery. Right now we are trying to find the same version of the font, which supports this currency sign. Let you know as soon as we gonna make any progress.


Hello @roxyjumptosky , unfortunatelly, there is no available version of Exo font that supports this symbol. For now, we suggest you to use a simillar font as for example Comfortaa. It is possible also to add a new font to Feed Image Editor, (under free licence use). If you are interested, send us email to

Thank you for your advice. I am sending mail with font add request.

We are interested in using the Commissioner font in our project.

Can you please clarify the approximate timeframe for moderating such requests?

Support requests are usually processed within 24 hours.

In case of adding a new font it depends on a date of next planned release of Feed Image Editor application. The next release is planned on 28th of february.


Hello again.

I recently noticed that the Commissioner font was added to the FIE, but when I try to use it, for some reason it is replaced with another font in the feed.

It is important to note that in the final render the font is displayed correctly inside the FIE.

Can this be fixed?

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Thank you for reporting, it should be already fixed.

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