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Help Center

Get answers to your questions about specific parts of Mergado and current trends in bidding, pricing, and image marketing. The Help Center will help you with all major e-commerce activities.


Mergado offers many handy apps that extend its functions. They will help you automate many tasks such as image marketing, feed editing, or translating webshop texts. Below, we give you details on their functions, use cases, and news. Mergado App Store

News & Announcements

Stay in touch with the latest ventures in Mergado. This section will give you a detailed overview of large and small Mergado releases and prepare you for the moments when it will not be possible to work with it for planned and unplanned reasons.

Mergado Pack

Mergado Pack is a free, easy way to connect your WooCommerce, PrestaShop or OpenCart with the world of e-commerce. Here, we will introduce its essential functions, announce the news, and be available to you whenever you need help setting up its modules.