Shoptet feed security 🔒

Greetings from Mergado :mergado:

You often ask us on support what it could be that your feed is not being audited, or why the feed cannot be uploaded to Mergado at all.

Security is probably the culprit. :male_detective:

Shoptet added the ability to secure your XML feeds in two ways to the administration of every Shoptet online store some time ago:

a) by enabling feed downloads only from IP addresses on the so-called global whitelist.
b) using a hash

And what is usually the problem? If you leave both checkboxes checked, then you can’t add feeds to Mergado because Mergado is not on the global whitelist.

Just check the second checkbox in the Access Protection menu to ensure that the feed is hashed, and everything will work as it should.


  1. In the Shoptet administration, click on the Connections bullet on the left menu.
  2. Under Connections, select XML Feeds.
  3. Open the Security section.
  4. From the Access Protection menu, select the second checkbox Deny access from IP addresses that do not use a security hash.
  5. The URL with the hash that you use for Mergado will be in the form e.g.:

You can use this address to create a new export in Mergado, or if you want to update the input URL for existing exports in Mergado, you can do this in the Settings of each export → General Settings → in the “Source File” field.

And we’re done! :confetti_ball:

You can also find more detailed instructions with screenshots on our blog - here. :arrow_backward:

And as always, feel free to contact us with any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you! :slightly_smiling_face: