Feed image Editor - layers being conditional

Is it possible in Feed Image Editor to make an element condition… ie if I use an Element as text in the image, if the field is populated with a particular value then the layer is in the image, if it not then the layer is not in the image

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Hi @jay.gardiner, quite effective way would be creating a product query in MERGADO app, in Products section and then applying a graphical template in Feed Image Editor on this query.

But it really depends on the type of your condition.

If you would like to filter a specific “term”, then you just set the condition this way:

  1. At first you select the element.
  2. Then you select the condition “contains”.
  3. Then you write the “term” you want to filter.

But if you would like to filter numerical value for example, you should choose a mathematical conditions “is less/greater than” etc.

Let me know if this works for you, please.

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