Cron Runner Cron Runner is a Mergado app. It will ensure that you regularly run processes in the background of your website so it is functional and products are updated. The application excels with a clear list of crons and simple operation. Monitoring Horn Are you sure that your paid advertising is running and that you’re sending traffic to a functional website? Monitoring Horn checks the availability of your website or advertising elements for you 24/7. Ordelogy Translate PPC Wolf Application for creating PPC ads for Google search (Google Ads) and (Sklik). Details can be found in the PPC Wolf Mergado Store profile page. Translating Parrot An app in the Mergado Store for an easy, fast, and cheap XML feeds translation. For your expansion abroad. Learn more in the Translating Parrot app profile. Feed Image Editor News, bug reports, release notes - all about Feed Image Editor app. Activate Feed Image Editor in Mergado Store.
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