PPC Wolf Application for creating PPC ads for Google search (Google Ads) and (Sklik). Details can be found in the PPC Wolf Mergado Store profile page. Ordelogy Translate Application for Mergado export translation. App uses Google Translate or DeepL translators for translation. Cron Runner Cron Runner is a Mergado app. It will ensure that you regularly run processes in the background of your website so it is functional and products are updated. The application excels with a clear list of crons and simple operation. Monitoring Horn Are you sure that your paid advertising is running and that youโ€™re sending traffic to a functional website? Monitoring Horn checks the availability of your website or advertising elements for you 24/7. Ordelogy Blending Bull Blending Bull helps you edit data feeds in XML, CSV, or other text formats. It provides powerful rules for editing feeds or merging multiple data sources into a single output file. You can then process it both in Mergado or with third-party apps. Here, we will keep you informed of all the news, and we will also answer everything you are interested in about Blending Bull. Turn on Blending Bull in the Mergado Store. Ordelogy KeyWords Be visible in organic search. Use keywords people searched for and never write blindly again. Scraping Camel Application that crawls your website, downloads data and generates a CSV file that you can use for feed marketing. Fox Data+ Feed Image Editor Advertise product images flawlessly. The Feed Image Editor app monitors whether product photos meet the current requirements of product search engines and advertising networks. It will help you resize them, add text or remove unwanted graphics, and streamline image advertising using preset formats. Below, we answer your questions on working with the tool, inform you about the news and report any errors. You can find detailed information at and turn on the app in the Mergado Store. Development / App developers Are you interested in creating an app for the Mergado Store? In this thread, weโ€™ll answer basic questions about your connection or billing API and address other specific questions. The discussion below will also help you exchange experiences with other developers.
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