Creating product cards for Allegro and Kaufland

If you encountered the message “Allegro couldn’t find a product with the specified ID” or “Product with this EAN not found in Kaufland catalog ”in the validation section after creating a campaign, it means that there is no product card for this product in the marketplace catalogue yet and you need to create a new one. In this article we will show you how to do it.

You can access the product card section either directly from the campaign menu or by using the icon next to the validation message:


To create product cards, you need to pair some elements that were previously optional within the application. These elements are:

  • PRODUCT_NAME: Make sure that the name for PL storefront is in Polish, for CZ storefront in Czech and for SK storefront in Slovak. You are informed about the default storefront in the app both when creating a campaign and in the campaign settings in the marketplace section.
  • DESCRIPTION: This element is mandatory only for Kaufland.

:exclamation: The EAN code must be filled in as the product identifier.

In case you haven’t matched these elements yet, just go to the campaign settings, click on the elements section and pair the desired elements.

Then save your changes and click “Sync product feed”.


After matching these elements, you will unlock the Product cards section:

From here, just match your categories from the product feed to the corresponding categories on Allegro/Kaufland and save the matching. This will allow you to see what the required parameters for this category are.

When matching categories, you have three options:

  • Finding the right category using the category tree:
  • Using the “Suggest Category” feature, where Allegro and Kaufland will try to suggest the most suitable category:
  • Search through the category suggestion by typing your own term in the search box:


Click on a matched category to display a table with products for which you need to create a product card in that category. In the table you will find an overview of all the mandatory parameters that Allegro/Kaufland requires to create a product card.

When filling in the mandatory parameters, you have the option to add values:

  • at the product level
  • or fill in values for the whole column of the parameter.

You also have the choice between selecting your own value and pairing it with an element from the product feed.

Own value:


Matching to an element from the product feed:


When pairing to a value from the product feed, only the name of the element will be displayed in the table, but the specific values will be sent to the marketplace when it is listed.

:information_source: For example, if your brand is not listed by Allegro, you can also select the “other” option to enter a custom value. For Kaufland, there is no need to enter the “other” option, just select the “Use own value” option and enter it there.


:exclamation: If you have embedded elements for PARAM values in your feed (e.g. material, color, dimensions, etc. see image below), you will need to insert these values into separate elements, because Mergado Marketplaces can’t handle embedded elements yet.

So if you want to pair the values of mandatory parameters to your product feed when creating product cards, but you have mandatory parameters under the PARAM element, do the following:

  • Create new elements for the project in the Mergado Editor in the “Elements” section (if you are sending the feed somewhere else, ideally hide the new elements).

  • Then create a rule for “Bulk Copy Values”, where you can bulk copy values from the original PARAM elements to your newly created elements within one rule:


Once you have filled in all the required parameters for at least one product, you will see the “Run listing” button.

:exclamation: After the products have been successfully listed, it is no longer possible to edit the product card data via the application.

After some time, you can see the result of the product listing directly in the product listing table, where you have the following icons:

The product has not yet been listed
An error occurred while listing the product, click on the exclamation mark for more information
The product has been successfully listed
image This status is only displayed for Kaufland and means that the product card is in the process of being approved by Kaufland. This process can take several days, once we receive feedback from Kaufland, the status will change to an exclamation mark or a check mark. If the product card is approved, your offer will be linked to it the next time the product feed is synchronized.

However, you can also check the result in the history section:

:information_source: After the product has been successfully listed, your offer will be uploaded to Allegro. The product name is determined by Allegro based on the mandatory parameters. Your name will be used word for word as the name of the offer.


After listing the product card on the marketplace, check the product and offers directly in the administration of the marketplace.

Focus especially on checking the offer name, product name and descriptions. Please note that Allegro determines the name of the product card itself based on the mandatory parameters and the suggested product name.

Approval of a product card at Kaufland can take several days. Once the card is approved, we will assign the status “Not synchronized” to the offer and the offer will be connected to your newly created card the next time the product feed is synchronized.

:information_source: If you encounter any problems or ideas for improvement while using this new feature, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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