Sending product descriptions to Allegro

Do you have a validation message “The provided description does not comply with Allegro format, Allegro description will be used instead” and you don’t know what to do with it? In this article we will explain everything to you.

Our app has now also started sending the offer title, images and product description to Allegro. These elements are optional when creating a campaign, but if you decide to pair them, we will try to send these elements to Allegro.

If you get the orange message “The provided description does not comply with Allegro format, Allegro description will be used instead” in the validation, you don’t need to worry about it. We will upload the offer to Allegro even though your description does not meet Allegro’s requirements. In this case, we will use the description that Allegro has for the product card. If you would like to have your offer on Allegro with your own description, you need to have the data in the “DESCRIPTION” element formatted correctly using HTML.

Would you like to have a custom description for your offers on Allegro?
If you wish to have your own product description on Allegro, you must format the text according to Allegro’s requirements. If you make changes in the MERGADO Editor, don’t forget to regenerate your feed after you have made the changes, which will also regenerate the data in the MERGADO Marketplaces application.

How to format the labels correctly?
Allegro only supports the following HTML tags:

  • h1 - title
  • h2 - subtitle
  • p - paragraph
  • ul - bullet list
  • ol - numbered list
  • li - list item
  • b - bold font

Another restriction by Allegro is that the h1 and h2 tags must not be formatted.

If you have formatted the labels but only need to replace <strong> with <b> for example, you can apply the “Find and Replace” rule in the MERGADO Editor. For more information about this rule, see here.

Example of correctly formatted text:

     <p><b>Sample of properly formatted label</b>. Below is an example of a numbered and bulleted list.</p>
         <li><b>The first bulleted item in bold.</b></li>
         <li>Second bulleted list item.</li>
         <li><p><b>The first item in the number list in bold.</b></p></li>
         <li><p>The second item of the number list.</p></li>

In the Allegro menu you have both your product images and some other people’s?
If you wish to have only your own images in the Allegro menu, you must provide a properly formatted product label. If you do not pair the DESCRIPTION element or if the DESCRIPTION element is not formatted correctly, Allegro will add your product images to your offer, in addition to your product images, also images of the product from the Allegro product card.