Feed Image Editor - Release notes


Here we will post news from the life of the Feed Image Editor app, which is used for bulk editing images from product feeds for better display in product ads, most often dynamic remarketing on Facebook.

For more information visit: https://www.feed-image-editor.com/


A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Products section

We added new Products section where you find all important information about your products and product images. It’s never been easier to discover which products miss images or whether there are any other issues and errors.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Find products with identical images

In CSV file and directly in the app as well, you now find a pre-prepared list for MERGADO with all products with identical images.

All you have to do is to copy the list, and add the ID element from your feed (ITEM_ID, G:ID, etc.) to the line beginning. In CSV file, it is the line named “MERGADO_query”.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Price in images, Settings section, new detection tools…

Information from feed to image

One of the most desired features from the very beginning was the possibility to display price directly in the image. Well, guess what? Now you are able to insert not just the price, but other elements as well. You may also choose whether you insert just the element or the element and text combined.


  • We added a whole new Settings section. You may choose between JPEG and PNG output extensions and in the case of JPEG, also set the compression ratio for faster image loading.
  • Output format management - you may now create and edit the format of output images.
  • Hide the products - easy way how to hide the products upon certain criteria (404 error, missing images, etc.).

Customized image sets
Load your personalized images directly in the app to be always disponible, so you don’t have to look for them in your computer anymore.

Detection of a replaced image on the same URL

In the case when you made any changes with your product image but the URL remains the same, some of the comparison shopping engines don’t reflect that and it may happen that your advertisement would keep running with the old image. This feature will help you to detect those changes.

Products with the identical image

In the products section, there is now a possibility to filter products with identical images and export the list into the CSV file.


Feed Image Editor now fully supports emojis. :wink:

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Image validation and new settings

Image validation in product feed

What to do when the image dimensions follow the required criteria but in reality, the product itself occupies only a small part of the whole canvas, and the rest is just the white background? How to find out? Now, with the new feature built inside Feed Image Editor which we call Image validation, you can examine whether:

Project settings

We extended Settings section where you may:

  • Set the image output extension to JPEG and set the compression ratio (smaller the image size, faster the loading).
  • Set the image output format.
  • Hide the products whose images were not found on the webpage (error 404, etc.).
  • Create your own image sets.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Watermark detection

As the Google Shopping do not display any of your product images with watermark, this very new feature would be quite handy when preparing your next campaign. Just with a few clicks, you can check whether any of your images contain watermark and crop or remove it completely from your product feed.

You may find :paw_prints: Watermark detection in Products.

A new version of Feed Image Editor

Deployment date and time


Template activity

One of many new features you would appreciate is the possibility to set the activity of your templates, which is especially useful when starting a new campaign. All you have to do is just to set the starting and the ending day, and you are ready to go - no manual adjusting anymore, everything works automatically, so you can invest all that saved time for other activities in your marketing campaign.

You find this new feature in the right control panel in template settings.

At the same time, in the template list, there is a notification about the templates activity period, so you get everything under control.

Image quality checkup

Among thousands of images in your e-shop, keeping an eye on every single one of them could be quite tricky. With this new feature, you can check the quality of all your images and have even better control of your image marketing campaigns. With just a few clicks, you can examine which pictures are not focused, have low contrast, or whether they have any glitches. For this purpose, we created a powerful machine learning model that we trained over the huge picture dataset. Moreover, with the possibility of user validation, you can manually evaluate every picture according to your subjective opinion and in this way, provide new data to improve the model. We are thus extending the features for image validation and watermark detection with another powerful tool that is going to make your image audit ever easier. Currently, in the BETA version, we can’t wait for your feedback. Let us know how it works. :slight_smile:

You may find the image quality check under Products.

Other news

  • Export and import of templates.
  • Show and hide the shortcut window.
  • Drag & drop the stickers to template.
  • Show and hide the advanced filters in Products.
  • ITEM ID of product is now displayed in template draft.

…and many other tweaks and under the hood updates which make your experience even better :slight_smile:

Latest news in Feed Image Editor :new:

Remove background :scissors:

One of the standard requirements of shopping engines is a white background without disruptive elements. In the Feed Image Editor app you create a transparent background with literally one click. The tool allows you to bulk edit the background of all images. This option saves you a lot of time on manual adjustments. What are its other functions? :point_down:

Sensitivity of background removal
The new sensitivity setting brings three levels of background removal (low, medium, high). Use it when you choose how much the product background should be cropped. ✄ If part of the product seems to have disappeared during removal, set the effect to a higher sensitivity. It removes the background and is less aggressive. Conversely, if the background removal was not sufficient, choose a low sensitivity effect. The function will try to remove all background fragments. :feather:

Product backgrounds without jagged edges
The function works on the principle of machine learning and is fully automated. :robot: Edge smoothing works in bulk, and you don’t have to take any further action. You may notice improved results for all images.

Upscale :up:

With a redesigned user interface and background features, you can look forward to better results in the resolution enhancement process. :star_struck:

Automatic compression :hammer_and_wrench:

Reduce the data size of your images while maintaining image quality. Feed Image Editor allows you to set 3 different compression levels (100 kB, 200 kB, 400 kB). Then the function automatically selects large images and reduces them to the value you choose. Files that are smaller than the selected value remain unchanged. :compression:

Graphic elements :art:

You may find a lot of graphic options in the app. You can choose from prepared templates or stickers that you can edit as you need. Tailor them to the visual of your brand or themed campaign. Also, you can upload your images to them. :envelope_with_arrow:

⇨ Other options include strikethrough, curve, polygon, geometric shapes, labels, frames, etc. :paintbrush:

Fonts and font previews :capital_abcd:

⇨ You can currently find 150+ fonts in the app. :abc:

⇨ Create a text layer and preview it in different fonts. You can find this option in the right panel for each text layer. :eyes:
Preview of different fonts.

Entering text :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

With text wrapping, you gain more control over formatting and customize it to your liking. :triangular_ruler:

Contrast checker :black_square_button:

Choosing the right contrast between text and background increases its readability.
In the case of low contrast, a color change notification pops up. If tuned correctly, the warning triangle disappears. :warning:

  • Reflection and shadow effects :dizzy:

Take advantage of adding a shadow and reflection to the source product images in bulk, which will get a 3D effect. :sparkles:

Grid (3) - magnet on / off :magnet:

The grid is located in the control panel on the left and has three different sizes. Using the grid, you can align the individual layers to your liking. :white_large_square:
How three types of grids and magnet works.

Restored user interface :slightly_smiling_face:

The new layout of the right panel will guide you step by step through the text descriptions. :handshake:

:ballot_box_with_check: More news and instructions are on our blog.


Pre-Easter gift from Feed Image Editor

The spring dose of news in our application is here. :tulip: We have added Easter graphic elements for you as well as universal themes, and we have not missed any minor adjustments or repairs. :white_check_mark:

Extended graphic tray: EASTER :hatching_chick: AND UNIVERSAL :bookmark: ELEMENTS

Thematic campaigns are a great advertising opportunity. That is why you can find Easter stickers, labels, and frames in the application now.

We’ve also added features to suit every time. They are adjustable and customizable as needed.

:point_right: For appropriate advertising, read the article: How to work with thematic image campaigns.

Adjust the angle of shadow for the product picture

Shadow is one of the effects that gives a 3D look to a product. It is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Its new modification offers to do advanced settings - in addition to scrolling, you can currently use it from all angles of the product image.

Ring with the Shadow effect.

:point_right: For more tips on differentiating yourself from the competition, see: Distinguish your product images from the competition. We have some guaranteed tips for you.

:star_struck: Try all the add-ons and improvements in the Feed Image Editor.


Watermarks in product images will no longer be a problem

We are pleased to introduce a long-awaited new feature. A watermark removal function :paintbrush: is a small miracle. But there is more. In this release, we’ve also adapted the compression options :scroll: to the requirements of the shopping engines. Below, you can find more detailed instructions. :point_down:

Removing watermarks :partying_face:

Many online store operators have problems with watermarks in product images when they want to advertise on various ad systems. According to the results of our audit, watermarks are 45 % of all advertising barriers. But with the new feature, you won’t be bothered by protective elements in your photos. How does it work?

Choose the product image where you need to remove the watermark. Whether it’s next to it or right on top of it, use a brush to mark the spot you want to edit.

And that’s it. The app easily handles the removal of various elements in this way. In addition to watermarks, you can remove, for example, logos, labels, or other text or shapes. After editing, the product image becomes flawless and is not deformed. See the results in the before and after examples:

Image compression by product comparison :compression:

So far, the app allows to reduce the data size of images automatically and in bulk at three levels: 100 kB, 200 kB, and 400 kB. Currently, a new options have been added:

  • 2MB (Heureka, Mall, Nabava)
  • 5MB (Alza, Modio, Domodi)
  • 8MB (Instagram, eMAG)
  • 16MB (Google Merchant, ÁrGép)
  • 30MB (Facebook 1:1)

The option to adjust the size of the images can be found in Settings, specifically in Project Settings. Choose from the available comparison engines and save it.

:white_check_mark: In addition to these changes, we’ve been working on bug fixes and other minor adjustments.

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New way of downloading images, export with transparent background, translated templates and other small changes :new:

We have prepared a summary of the most important stuff from the latest releases. See how to download images from the online store to the app, how to work with transparent backgrounds in the export, and which templates are available in different languages. :star2:

Downloading images when the URL changes :arrow_down:

By default, we download images from the online store to the Feed Image Editor continuously to ensure that they are always up-to-date. From now on, it is possible to turn on a feature that will only download images from the online store to the app if the URL changes. If you have a lot of images, this feature will reduce the load on this side of the online store. If you update an image and the URL doesn’t change, it won’t get into the app and will remain the original image.

Transparent background of the output product image :white_large_square:

Remove the background, make it transparent, and send it for export. In the output, set the image format to .png. The images will go into the advertisement with a transparent background.

Translations of preview images in sample templates

:uk:, :czech_republic:, :slovakia:, :poland:
You will find the latest templates translated into English, Czech, Slovak and Polish.

Fix progress bar for templates type Remove background :hammer:

Speed up page loading with diagnostic section by section :running_man:

:white_check_mark: In addition to these changes, we’ve also worked on bug fixes and other minor adjustments.

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Work simpler with product images and improved options :tada:

From the hot summer release we pick 6 new features that shouldn’t miss your attention. Transparency settings, uploading more images, or changes for photos in layouts. :sun_with_face:

New product image transparency settings :eyes:

Change the transparency of the main image. This feature can be found in the fourth tab. Turn it on with one click. Adjust the sensitivity by moving the slider.

Adjust the transparency of any product image from the layouts :ghost:

Layouts can now be found in an improved form. You will see a preview of them on the right side. If you want to make them look more interesting, you can make alternative images transparent. This will highlight the main image.

Upload multiple images at once :infinity:

If you wanted to upload your own images to the app, you only had to do it one at a time. After this release, you can upload as many images as you need at once. It works the same way as before - by adding another layer.

:point_right: TIP

In the layout editor, you have the option to add an angle to the alternative images. You can rotate them in the direction you need.

Keyboard shortcuts :keyboard:

Control the application with keyboard shortcuts such as: copy/paste, undo/redo, rotate image, …

Load preview image by MERGADO ID / ITEM_D :bulb:

Choose which product image you want to display in the product preview. You can select it in the third tab, via ID / ITEM ID. In case you don’t want a specific image, you will find cubes on the left side that will always show you one randomly.

Fix the number of alternative images and photos in layouts :abacus:

We have increased the number of alternative images in a single layout you may select. So you can put a total of 20 photos (19 alternative and one main photo).

:white_check_mark: In addition to these changes, we’ve also worked on bug fixes and other minor adjustments.

Previews in template gallery and collages, new support formats and automatic template layout :tada:

Released - date and time: 19/07/2022 14:17

In the latest release news, we bring improved product image previews. Also, an option to set the transparency of any layer and automatic ordering of templates. We’ve also added new output formats, which can be found not only in the app, but also in the Image Validator. What formats exactly? We’ll show you below. :slightly_smiling_face:

Image previews in the template gallery :eyes:

See how your product looks in the pre-made templates that you can find in the app. Follow the steps:

  • Create a new graphic template
  • Select Product Query
  • Select the output format
  • You will see the available templates

A great benefit is the ability to customize the templates according to your own needs. Add elements, remove unsuitable ones or customize the color and font.

Preview images in collages :eyes:

The ability to group multiple images is a great way of showing details or components of a product. Simply add alternative images to the main photo, if they’re available. If not, they won’t appear.

:point_right: Do you want to know how to create collages? Learn it in this article.

While creating collages, see how the images look together. You’ll find this in the third step of editing, after selecting the Collage.

Transparency of any layer :ghost:

Make various elements transparent during the creation of your template. For example, use this for the main or alternate image, company logo (as a watermark), text, etc.

Automatic ordering of templates :reorder:

This feature will make you happy if:

  • You have several prepared templates and you do not know how to choose the correct order.
  • You want to apply the template to different Product Queries.

The golden rule when manually setting the order is to sort them from top to bottom, according to the number of products in the Product Query to which the template is applied. This means from the smallest to the largest.

If you want the app to do this for you, check Automatic ordering of templates. Your templates will be arranged by number in the Product Query. Later, when you change the number of products (add new ones to your feed / hide the ones you don’t want in the ad), the order will be changed. Opposite to that, when you know how your template order looks, you don’t need to turn on the feature.

:point_right: For a deeper insight, see the Set up a hierarchical order of templates in Feed Image Editor article.

New supported ad systems :new:

We’ ve added three more ad systems: Snapchat, Pinterest and Kaufland. You can find them in the editor in the output image format settings. These are the predefined and actual dimensions that your product images should meet.

In addition to automatic and bulk dimensions adjusting, the app will also compress them (reduce the data size) if necessary, so that they can easily get into advertising.

You can find all three formats in the Image validator. With it, you can easily check the state of your product images.

:wrench: We’ve also worked on bug fixing and other small things.

Improved graphic options, more than 20 pre-made templates –⁠ their new categories, or stickers :tada:

In this release, we fixed small errors and focused mainly on making the app’s graphic tools better. See what options have been added in Feed Image Editor. :dizzy:

Editable templates :new:

We’ve prepared templates that you can easily customize to your vision of an image campaign. Their previews appear on the right side of the app –⁠ after you select the format. See one example of how to edit them from the original version.

Categories of templates :clipboard:

We regularly add new templates. To make the choice easier for you, we have divided them thematically into categories –⁠ according to the type of campaign.

Stickers: autumn :maple_leaf:, winter :snowman: and ratings :star:

Choose from a new series of stickers. From now you will find new ones in winter and autumn themes. We have also added a ratings folder. With it, you can select the number of stars your product has received, for example from customers.

Lock layers :lock::unlock:

If you work with more complex graphic templates that contain multiple elements, you will appreciate the ability to lock individually added layers. A lock pauses all movement (editing) so the layer remains in place without change. Meanwhile, you can work with the other layers. If you need to edit a certain layer, just unlock it again. You can lock an unlimited number of layers.

:point_right: TIP

Check out the 10 graphic templates as inspiration for advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat article and use its information to create your image campaigns. :art:

Easier work with the higher number of graphic templates and the new option of spacing the text :raised_hands:

Released - date and time: 04/10/2022 9:37

:scroll: Rank the templates how you need or filter those that you are not actually using. You would appreciate this feature especially in this use-cases:

  • You turned templates off and now you want to turn on them again
  • You found a new ad opportunity
  • A new season has started

Change template names and create a new one anytime while scrolling the page. In this release, we implemented many suggestions from customer support. Thank you for your tips. Check the news below. :handshake:

Pre-made templates in the category Free gift :gift:

After choosing the output format you will see pre-made graphic templates with product image. For easier review we divided them into categories:

  • All templates
  • Background
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas campaign
  • Discounts and sales
  • Effects
  • Free delivery
  • Free gift
  • New arrivals
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Size variations
  • Stock availability
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Warranty
  • Custom

We added 9 more new pre-made templates in the category Free gift. Use them for your image campaigns and show customers the benefits of merchandise in your online store.

:point_right: Check the article A free gift for your customers. How to get it into image advertising? and learn how to use them.

Rename templates in the list :capital_abcd:

If you wanted to change the name of the template you had to open it first and then rename it. From now, you just click on the name of the template in the list and simply type a new one.

Set the template priority manually :robot:

In the same way, you can determine the priority of the templates. Click on the number, which you can find on the left side of every template. Now just type the number and other templates will adjust automatically.

Button for creating a new template while scrolling the website :heavy_plus_sign:

You can create a new template straight after the opening Feed Image Editor app. When you started scrolling down the page between templates you made before, you had to have come back to the top of the website. Now is this button still there, on every part of the page.

Filter for inactive templates :mobile_phone_off:

The last new in the templates is the filter for showing you active, inactive and all your creations. You will find it on the right side. This way you control which campaigns are running and which are not.

Setting the spacing in the layer Text :memo:

New options in the layer Text - adjusting the line size in intercharacter spaces. After entering the text you will see another setting for spacing words how you need.

:wrench: We also fixed small bugs and errors. If you have other ideas for increasing our app, write us an email on support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

Modifications in templates, new font Bebas Neue and new creatives

Released - date and time: 04/01/2023 8:11

The first release in 2023 :fireworks: brought various fixes and adjustments. It is, for example, template bulk duplication and canceled output format presets. We have replenished the stock of pre-made templates and extended the styles with the Bebas Neue font. :crystal_ball:tak

Template bulk duplication :new:

Check all the templates you want to duplicate in the List of Templates. Then on the right side, click Duplicate templates. You can create copies of selected templates at once.

We have canceled the template output format preset :x:

To save the created template, you must fill in its name and choose which product query it applies to. Before saving the template, you must select one of the output formats. With that, you don’t have to look for it for a long time. It will appear at the very top of the list according to the type of export in MERGADO.

10 (not only) New Year’s sales-themed templates :ok_hand:

New Year’s sales motivate people to buy even after Christmas. Make your ads stand out with our templates. They are easily editable and adaptable to your brand. You can use them throughout the year for various other occasions.

:point_right: We covered the topic of New Year’s sales in the 10 graphic templates for starting the season in the 2023 article.

The Bebas Neue font is extended with additional styles :dizzy:

At the beginning of the year, we extended the Bebas Neue font with additional options: Bold, Book and Light. The font itself is very decent and suitable for different types of templates.

:wrench: In addition to this news, we have eliminated minor errors. If you have other ideas to improve the app, please email us at support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

Bend the text into the newly added shapes

Released - date and time: 31/01/2023 12:06

Work with texts in graphic templates a little more creatively. :art: In the last release, we added two options - text in a circle and the option to change the outline color. Also, we added a new category in the template gallery and a minor change in the helper. :new:

Text in the shape of a circle :o:

Curve your text into a circle shape. It takes only one click in the app. You can set different filling colors for circles, outlines, and letters.

If you completely reduce the filling transparency, the circle disappears.

Different thicknesses and colors of text outline :capital_abcd:

The line of letters and its filling no longer have to have the same color. Choose combinations that fit your brand or product.

New template gallery - choose your background :white_large_square:

After choosing the output format, you get a template gallery. The templates are divided thematically into different categories. Newly, you can find a category for choosing a product image background among them.

Gradient editing with new UI :crystal_ball:

You can make a smooth transition between colors using a gradient. We have created a few predefined styles you can use straight away or fine-tune and choose as a background for a product image.

Editing help :bulb:

A helper navigates you through the app’s workflow. If you no longer need it, close the helper to minimize it. If you click it, the helper opens up again.

:wrench: In addition to these new features, we have been working on removing minor bugs. If you have any ideas to improve the app, please email us at support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

Application available in Hungarian, working with predefined Product queries and setting the template background colors

Released - date and hour: 21/02/2023 11:34

Learn how to work with predefined queries and take advantage of the new options for applying backgrounds to templates. Meet the option of transparenting elements using the color picker and see how to use this feature in graphic editing.

App in Hungarian language :hungary:

Feed Image Editor is currently available in English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and most recently in Hungarian.

Creating predefined Queries :bookmark_tabs:

In Predefined Queries, you can find the product images which are:

How to do it?

  • Open the Products Queries
  • On the right, there is the Queries list
  • A notification to create FIE Queries pops up

Once you have created them, you need to apply the rules. Then you can fine tune them with the features in our app.

Edit color picker :paintbrush:

In the color picker, you can choose colors from the whole palette, different gradients and from now also the transparency of the elements in one click.

Option to set the colors or gradient of the background :art:

Create one template and turn on a background color option for it, which will be displayed in the advertisement.

In the fourth layer, choose the colors that will apply as the background for the product image. These will be changed automatically on the advertising system.

:wrench: In addition to these new features, we have been working on removing minor bugs. If you have any ideas to improve the app, please email us at support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

Using dominant colors as a background for product images and working with color palettes :art:

Release date and time: 13/3/2023 13:31

The latest release focuses on working with colors. From now on, you can choose one of the three dominant colors from the source image or create your own color palette using the Feed Image Editor application. You can even create a color palette from your own uploaded images.

Using a dominant color from the product image as a background :purple_square:

The color generated for the image background is based on the dominant color of the product. You have three options here.

Importing colors from a pre-made palette :data_import:

Need a little help with colors in your image campaigns? The app provides you with pre-made color palettes. Choose the ones that appeal to you and use the colors that you deem appropriate. You can delete the rest by clicking the cross.

Editing the UI for your own palettes :woman_artist:

You can easily create your own color palettes. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Color Palettes
  3. Choose predefined palettes or create your own by uploading an image. The application will generate colors.

You can differentiate the generated colors from the image and display individual HEX codes.

:bulb: TIP

Check out our blog. We regularly publish tutorials and articles full of image marketing inspiration. :dizzy:

:wrench: In addition to these new features, we have been working on removing minor bugs. If you have any ideas to improve the app, please email us at support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

New 84 backgrounds for product images generated by Midjourney :robot:

Released - Date and Time: 5/5/2023 07:06

84 backgrounds for product images :fireworks:

We continually update our inventory of pre-made graphic elements. This time, instead of a graphic designer, we enlisted the help of the AI tool Midjourney, which generated 84 backgrounds specifically for product images. Take a look at some of them:

Upload an image to the image directly from the element :heavy_plus_sign:

Previously, you could only upload the price or name from the feed into the images. Now, you can also include a different image in the product image, such as a brand logo or a graphic element for a free gift. All you need to do is include its URL address in any (even custom) element in the feed. It will then be automatically uploaded to the template.

Support for additional input image MIME types :raised_hands:

Now you can also upload images in the following formats to the Feed Image Editor:

  • image/pjpeg
  • image/avif
  • image/x-avif
  • image/x-ms-bmp

:wrench: In addition to these updates, we’ve also fixed minor bugs. If you have any further ideas for improving the app, don’t hesitate to write to us at support@feedimageeditor.com. :mailbox:

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