MERGADO Marketplaces - NEWS

:open_book: NOTE: The MERGADO Marketplaces app was formerly called Ordelogy Products. We are keeping the original name in some posts. However, it is the same app.


What the app can do

The application deals with the creation and subsequent synchronization of offers from the source data connection (for example MERGADO) to the target data connection (Allegro and Kaufland). For now, the MERGADO Marketplaces application is used to easily connect to your Business account on Allegro in Poland and Czechia and on Kaufland in Czechia, Slovakia and Germany, create product offers and synchronize them automatically. The MERGADO Marketplaces app is still in beta version and we plan to extend it to connect to other marketplaces.

:arrows_clockwise: MERGADO Marketplaces NEWS

2022-08-31T13:30:00Z, the new MERGADO Marketplaces app has been released. We have big plans for the app and will be adding features gradually. Now the app can prepare product offers for the Polish and Czech Allegro and Czech, Slovakian and German Kaufland Global Marketplace from the XML feed in your MERGADO account.

:arrows_clockwise: How the app can help you

  • Automatically suggest, create and upload product offers from your XML feed in MERGADO.
  • Synchronize every 15 minutes product availability.
  • Synchronize every 15 minutes the statuses of product offers.
  • Create and synchronize an unlimited number of product offers.
  • Quickly and easily connect MERGADO with Allegro and Kaufland. You do not copy the secret key or login. Just log in to your Allegro bussines account and to MERGADO at the same time.