How to create campaign and upload products to Kaufland marketplace

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a campaign and upload products to Kaufland Global Marketplace.

First, you need to create and set up your Kaufland Global Marketplace account correctly (one registration** for, and is sufficient). Detailed information about registering on the Kaufland marketplace can be found here: // Seller University.

In the Marketplaces app, you first need to go to the “Connections” tab and then click on the blue icon to add a connection at the Kaufland marketplace. The “Connection Detail” tab will open.

On the “Connection Detail” tab you need to enter the API keys which you can find in your administration directly on the Kaufland marketplace website. Here you go to “Settings” → “Store Settings” → “API”. Your API keys (“Client Key” and “Secret Key”) are listed at the top. If there are none here yet, simply generate new ones. Save the keys safely after generating them, you will only see them after they have been generated - after that you will not be able to view them again.

Then enter these keys into the Mergado Marketplaces app under the “Connection Details” tab, see above, and proceed with the connect button - the connection should now be active.

Note: If you re-generate keys in Kaufland administration and get new ones, the original ones will lose their validity. So if you have old keys stored in Marketplaces and you generate new ones in Kaufland Administration, the connection will no longer work.

Creating campaign in the app

In the menu, go to the “Campaigns” tab and then click on the “Create Campaign” button. You will be greeted by a campaign creation wizard with five steps.

  1. First step - General - is to fill in the campaign name. The name can be any name you want. However, we recommend one that makes it clear at a glance what the campaign is about.

  1. In the next step - Marketplace - you need to select which marketplace you want to upload the offers to. So we choose “Kaufland”. Then a field for selecting “Storefront” (the country in which the offers will be sold - see / / will open. You can then select the CONDITION and HANDLING_TIME value for all products in the campaign at once (see the label next to the field selection). Then proceed again with the “Next step” button.

  1. In the next step - Mergado - you need to select from which Mergado project and query you want to upload products to the marketplace.

You don’t have any export to choose yet? See how to upload a product feed to Mergado Editor here.

:information_source: If you don’t want to send all products from a given project to the marketplace, create a selection of products you want to upload to the marketplace in Mergado Editor. Please note that you cannot change the selection later in the campaign settings. It is also not possible to edit the product composition in the application using the hide rule, as this rule is not transferred to Mergado Marketplaces.

This will then open the section for mapping elements from the selected project in Mergado to elements in the Marketplace app. It is obligatory to map the elements EAN, PRODUCT_ID and PRICE.

:warning: Mapping is usually pre-filled, but it may not be correct. Check if you are mapping the correct elements - i.e. the ones that contain the required values in the Mergado project (these values are then uploaded to the marketplace). The element mapped to PRODUCT_ID must be the one that is used to match products from the availability feed.

If you selected a value for CONDITION and HANDLING_TIME in the previous Marketplace step, do not pair these elements here.

:exclamation: Please note that for DE and SK storefront you have to pair the price in EUR and for CZ storefront in CZK.

  1. In the next step - Availability feed - insert the URL of the availability feed in Heureka or Mall format. After clicking on the “Next” button, the availability feed will be checked. If there are any missing products from the selected query, the application will inform you about it. If you get the information that all products are missing, you have probably entered a different availability feed or you have incorrectly mapped the PRODUCT_ID element in the Mergado. step.** Products that are in the selection but missing in the availability feed will not be uploaded to the marketplace. If your availability feed is somehow restricted you need to remove this restriction.

:information_source: If you encounter the error message “An error occurred while downloading the availability feed, please make sure the file is available”, it is likely that you have the availability feed secured and so the application cannot access it. If you have your online store on Shoptet, then here you can find instructions on how to adjust the security of your availability feed in Shoptet administration so that the application can access it.

  1. The last step - Completion - is just a final summary. Make sure you have everything filled out correctly and correct the information if necessary. Finish creating your campaign with the “Save” button on the bottom right. This will create the campaign and the offers will automatically start uploading to the Kaufland marketplace. This process may take some time.

:exclamation: After the synchronization of the product feed is complete, click on the campaign detail and check the validation section for any error messages. For an explanation of the most common validation messages, see here.

:question: Do you have the error message “Product with this EAN not found in Kaufland catalog” in the validation? This message means that a product card does not yet exist for the products in the Kaufland catalogue. You can find detailed instructions on how to create a product card via our app here.