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MERGADO Editor general information MERGADO 2 is a completely new and improved version of the Editor. It advances the functionality of the previous version and opens up completely new data processing possibilities. Starting with MERGADO This category will guide you through registration, setting up an online store in Mergado and the first steps in Mergado. Custom Format Previously, it was possible to work in Mergado only with feeds that had our specifications. In Mergado, we have a new feature called Custom Format. We could call it universal/user format. It allows you to upload any XML or CSV feed to Mergado and then work with it. Audit Feed audit is a tool for a basic check of your feed. It is available online at without the need to register. Mergado will also perform an audit automatically when you load a feed after registration. Applications / Mergado Store Apps expand the possibilities of Mergado. Some apps are free, others are paid. They are a great and effective tool for improving your advertising, all in one place – Mergado platform. To learn more about each app and to activate go to Mergado Store. Below is a basic overview of all Mergado Apps. Macros Macros are preset actions that perform Mergado actions flawlessly and efficiently for you. They are available in several language versions, you have preset macros available, and you can also create your ones according to your requirements. Analytics Analytics is part of Mergado administration where you can find charts, tables, basically an overview of the effectiveness of your advertising. Variables In Mergado, variables represent particular values of an element. Each variable has a unique name, which is usually identical to the name of the given element. This makes it easier to identify which element values does the variable represent. Meet Mergado / FAQ Mergado is a feed editing tool for comparison engines and other advertising channels. In its clear environment, you automate most online store operations, which saves you time and eliminates manual errors. It works online, you don’t have to install it in any way. You can set up your advertising by yourself, with an unlimited number of users, and without a need to pay a developer. Rules In Mergado, rules represent a way to edit product information in bulk. Each rule can be applied either to all products in your feed or, and most often, to a query of products. SEO and MERGADO In this category, we’ve put together complete information on how to create profitable SEO using MERGADO’s automated feed editor. PPC and MERGADO In this category, we have put together complete information on how to create profitable PPC campaigns using the MERGADO automatic feed editor. Elements You can describe element as a simplified tag for an information in your feed. PRODUCTNAME element describes a product name, EAN element describes a unique product code, etc. MERGADO and marketplaces Products and Queries Products page shows you at a glance the data going into Mergado as well as data going out of Mergado for each product. If you want to edit multiple products at the same time, create a query and apply the rules to it.
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