How to change online store owner or share access in MERGADO?

Access can be managed in the permissions section of the e-shop and can only be changed by the owner.

How to change online store permissions?

Open your online store, you now have two options. You can change the permissions either by clicking on the Settings section in the left menu, or by using the “three figures” button on the right.

Then in the User permissions section, as the owner, you address the online store permissions.

On the right, you can use the email field to send an invitation (this email must be used for registration and you must have a Mergado account to accept this invitation) and select which right you want to sell to the user.

The owner can also sell the ownership and we will become the user with the right of registration.
The billing always goes to the owner and can always be only 1.

How to share access?

You assign access at the online store level. It’s good to know that you can’t assign it only to a specific project, but always to the whole online store.

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