What is MERGADO Editor?

In this post, we will learn:

What is MERGADO Editor?

MERGADO Editor is a data editor that helps us with managing and editing data in bulk. The data is imported within a feed (we support XML, JSON, CSV and Google Sheets).The users of MERGADO Editor mostly use it for advertising, campaigns, marketplaces, expansion, or even supply chains.

What can MERGADO Editor do?

  1. Connect any data files or data streams between systems, in addition to different product feeds. It will also connect any - standard or non-standard - form of advertising, accounting system connections after processing supplier data (the Editor already allows to process any data). It’s up to you how you use it.
  2. Integration to various marketplaces and availability feeds. New integrations are available directly in the Editor.
  3. Connect any other integration. You can easily handle complex feeds with many nesting or attributes and other complicated feeds directly in the Editor using custom format.
  4. Simply load and process the data if your feed contains, for example, complex variant products.
  5. With an improved table view brings a unique way to control your data. The view allows you to work with your data directly in the Editor just like in other spreadsheet editors.
  6. Work with elements. You can change the order of elements in XML or the order of columns in CSV. You can even wrap elements in CDATA. Create and manage single, multi-value elements and nested elements and attributes.
  7. Target any item in your feed. Need to track down a specific item to resolve availability management or edit a parameter that’s only a few dives in? Element-Path allows you to.
  8. Set a specific re-generation time for your output feed.

Main tools

In order to use the Editor to its full potential and to achieve simply and efficiently nearly anything, you have the following tools at your disposal:


Product queries are used to select a group of products that meet certain conditions, and then rules can be applied to this group of products. We use Element-Path and MQL to create queries. For more information, see posts about queries.


A language developed by MERGADO that you work with in all parts of the application. It is used for precisely targeting values or creating queries. For more information, see the detailed post about Element-Path.

MQL and data filtering

The MERGADO Query Language (MQL), a language for creating queries, works with element paths. It allows you to create any condition to create a query. For more information, see the detailed post about MQL.


Smart rules enable product data editing, process automation, and performance analysis. Use each rule for a different use case according to your needs and preferences.

Current list of rules:

  • Override
  • Find and Replace
  • Hide Product
  • Bulk rewriting by query
  • Bulk rewriting by value
  • Bulk copy values
  • Rename categories in bulk
  • Set product parameters
  • Set shipping price
  • Truncate values
  • Letter case converter
  • Round number
  • Remove diacritics
  • Set prices per click
  • Set UTM parameter
  • Remove HTML tags
  • Calculation
  • Data File Import
  • Add a value to a multie-value element

:information_source:  We are adding new rules as we go along to make your work easier.

Data views

Products Page - View Elements

The element view allows you to display all your data simply and intuitively. Users can easily compare different elements, analyze and edit their values.

Products Page - table view

Table view is ideal for users who need to track large amounts of data, analyze and compare it quickly. Read the detailed post on all the features of table view.

Elements page

The Elements page allows you to work with elements as individual elements. In addition to adding and managing elements, you can manage attributes, sort elements according to your needs, or wrap elements in CDATA. Read the detailed post about the Elements page.

New integrations

We’re continually adding new integrations to help you open new sales channels and acquire new customers. We currently have over 700 integrations.

:bulb: Are you missing an integration in Editor or Audit? Contact us.

Custom format

Custom format processes any data. For example, use it if you are working with different platforms that require a specific data format. See a post How to create a custom format.

Re-generation scheduler

Availability feeds are now available in Editor. This allows us to easily update product availability information.


Is an umbrella name for the organization of our products and services. It includes: MERGADO Editor, Audit, Store, Pack, Academy and Partners.


Main product. Is a data editor that helps you with advertising, campaigns, marketplaces connections, expansion or even supply chains.


You can check your data using MERGADO Audit - the audit finds errors in the feed, which you can then easily correct in the MERGADO Editor. Data feed auditing is available at audit.mergado.com.


The applications are complementary and powerful tools to the MERGADO Editor, allowing you to solve, for example, bidding or image editing. The app store is available at store.mergado.com.

Application list:


Modules for connecting shop systems.


Program training, meetups, conferences.

MERGADO Partners

A collaboration system for e-commerce professionals and MERGADO users.

Most common uses

  • Product feeds
  • PPC
  • Expansion
  • Marketplaces
  • SEO
  • Affiliate
  • Supplier Connection