How to add, delete or rename parameter in MERGADO

How to add a new product property, i.e. its parameter:

  • In the Rules section, select the type rules Set product parameters.
  • On the left side you can choose from prepared parameters, or you can create a custom one and fill it with values.
    • These can be fixed values, or you can copy values from another parameter in the input, or a pre-made variable.
  • On the right side, enter the value of the parameter.

How to remove a parameter:

  • Delete it again with the Set product parameters rule.
  • For the selected parameter that is on the left side, leave its value (on the right) blank.
  • This will remove the parameter from the output feed.

How to rename a parameter:

  • In the Rules section, select the Find and Replace rule type.
  • The renaming is done in the PARAM | PARAM_NAME element.
  • On the left side, find the desired name of the parameter.
  • On the right side, replace it with the new name as needed.