The app does not see images from the feed

The app does not detect images from the feed, although diagnostics shows that everything is fine.
What could be the problem?

Also I want to implement a template that will add a dynamic discount to feed images.

That is, that each product should have its own discount, which was automatically inserted into the image. Can you please tell me if it is possible to realize this through your application?

Hi @yasupuma

Setup input image element

It is necessary to set the input element for the image. You can make the settings in Settings β†’ Project settings β†’ First setup guide.
Then the images will start to load.
After setting, I recommend to regenerate the feed, then the application will start processing the images.

Dynamic discount to images

Yes, it’s possible, and you have two options.
Firstly, you can strictly add the value of the element.
The second option is to insert element value and add some text / call to action.


Thank you very much for your reply. I did everything as you said and it worked, but now how can I verify the actual result that it is the updated images with my template that are uploaded to the exported feed file?

There are other ways to verify results.
You can download your output feed and find the right output element.

Or easier way is: Mergado β†’ Products and check new image addresses. New URLs start with…