MERGADO Translate - information

What is MERGADO Translate

MERGADO Translate (formerly Ordelogy Translate) is an app for automated translation, mainly of e-commerce products using DeepL or Google Translate.


How MERGADO Translate works

The translation itself is provided by DeepL or Google Translate. The user creates an account and sets up the connection. MERGADO Translate provides automated sending of texts to the translator for translation. The received translations are cached. Thus, one text is translated once. This saves the client’s money.

Feature Overview

  • Connection to export in MERGADO Editor via API.
  • Price estimation directly in the application to estimate savings and costs.
  • You can limit translations to selections of products.
  • Translates any elements.
  • Choice of two translators: DeepL, Google Translate. You can use both.
  • Transparent pricing. The user pays for the translators himself and can take advantage of any free bonus credits. The price of MERGADO Translate is 100% transparent: 18 EUR/month regardless of the number of translations.

What MERGADO Translate is good for

  • Translation of products for import into the online store from foreign language data.
  • Translation for the marketplace for expansion abroad.
  • Translation for an advertising system that requires data in a foreign language.
  • …and more

Why use MERGADO Translate

  • Automation. Saves work, makes money.
  • You can clearly see how much you pay for the app and how much you pay for the translators. You don’t pay an overpriced rate to translate individual words.
  • Integration with MERGADO Editor. You can deploy without changing data feeds in advertising systems.