Connecting DeepL translator to MERGADO Translate

Do you want to translate MERGADO exports using the DeepL automatic translator? Let’s see how to connect DeepL to MERGADO Translate.

Getting the API key in DeepL

Create an account in the DeepL translation tool. You need the DeepL API Pro tariff from the For developers tab.

After creating an account on the DeepL API Pro plan, you will be given access to an API key. You can find it in your user profile settings. In the top right corner, click on your account and open the Account page.

Open the Account tab.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the API key under Authentication Key for DeepL API. Copy the key to connect your translator to the MERGADO Translate app.

Creating a connection in MERGADO Translate

In the online store, where you have activated the MERGADO Translate app, open the export (feed) you want to translate.

  • Open MERGADO Translate at the export level.

  • On the connections tab in the app, click on the New connection button.


  • Create a new connection.

  • Select DeepL in the Translation Provider field.

  • Type the name of the connection (this is only for your recognition of the connection).

  • Insert the API key from DeepL.

  • Click on the Create button.

This creates a connection to the DeepL translator and allows you to create translation rules.