MERGADO Translate: translation via Google and DeepL - Release notes

One year after the first release of the Translating Parrot app, we come up with a new translation app Ordelogy Translate. App responds to suggestions from Parrot users.


What users wanted:

  • More languages.
  • Better quality translation.
  • Reduced app downtime.

The new Ordelogy Translate app uses a connection to APIs of Google Translate and DeepL for translation. According to many sources, these are the highest quality automatic translators publicly available.

Google Translate and DeepL support many more languages, with 25 now available in the app.

  • European languages
  • and Chinese with Japanese

Compared to the Parrot app, Ordelogy Translate is a much less complicated application. This makes it less likely to go wrong.

The Help page of the app in the Mergado store shows you how to start using the app and answers FAQs.

In the app description in the Mergado store, you will find a example calculation of the translation cost. The price consists of two elements (app + translation by volume).


Release version 1.1


  • We added missing European languages
    • Croatian, Irish, Maltese
  • Rule type selection (translation/statistics) is now a radio button. Originally it was a drop-down menu.
  • The application interface is in the Czech language as well, not only in English


  • Fixed broken translation from English to Romanian.
  • Fixed not displaying specific product Queries selections when within a form to create a translation rule.

Release version 1.2


  • We support text containing HTML.
  • Input and output language information added to the app’s translation rules overview.
  • Added connection name to the translation test interface (the test-tube icon next to the connection on the Connections page) for better orientation.


  • Fixed unwanted switching of products Query from specific to all products when editing a translation rule.
  • Removed the text “FeedTranslator” from the rule name that appears in Mergado rules.
  • Fixed statistics, now it also counts with duplicates that appear during feed translation (it was showing a higher or equal translation cost than it actually was).

Version 1.3 was released today


  • Option to translate feeds where products are in multiple languages (select “Mixed” in the language selection for product data input).
    • It solves cases when you have different languages for different products (eg. some products in Polish, some products in English), but the content of the element is in one language (e.g. description of one product is entirely in one language).

Use Mixed as input language only in cases where you have multiple languages in the feed. Automatic language identification may not identify the language correctly 100% of the time.


  • Fixed statistics rule. With a large number of products, it was running out of memory and provided nonsense results (e.g. 99% savings on translation costs due to not translating duplicates, real savings are usually 0-40%).
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The new app update is here

News and adjustments

  • In the rules editor, there are now explanations of the fields that have to be filled in.
  • Unless a connection to a translation service is established, you cannot create a rule on the Rules page.
  • Added missing translations of the app interface from English to other languages.
  • Multiple translation rules cannot be created for the same combinations of product query and elements.
  • No rule type is preselected in rule edit/establish (previously a statistical rule was pre-selected).
  • Faster statistics generation via statistical rule (app 3x in testing).
  • Accelerated translation of elements containing HTML.
  • More accurate handling of non-valid HTML.
  • Modified graphical elements of the statistical rule.