Google Translate

Google Translate is Google’s service for translating texts between languages. It provides both a web interface and an API for connecting third-party applications. For example, MERGADO Translate.

About Google Translate

Google launched its text translation service in 2006. It has gradually grown into a family of highly sophisticated products. It offers text translations in a web interface, an Android app or an iPhone app. It provides translations of pages in web browsers, provides APIs for developers and more.

The competition was represented, for example, by Microsoft Translator. Eventually, a smaller specialist company DeepL joined the ranks of the tech giants.

Google Translate and MERGADO System

Google Translate can be used to automate the translation of products in the MERGADO Editor using MERGADO Translate. The user creates a Google developers cloud account using this tutorial. MERGADO Translate then connects to Google Translate. The latter then provides the translations. The user can take advantage of the free credit provided by Google at the time of writing these lines. Further, the advantage is that the user has a 100% overview of how much what costs. They pay a separate fixed price for MERGADO Translate and a separate price for translations that are above the free translation limit. This is an advantage over a situation where he would pay all together. This is because some services may charge their own hefty commission on top of Google’s fee.

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