How can I add the template to all products in my catalog?


I create a template on my account. I want to implement my template to all products in my catalog / xml link? How can i do that? Could anyone help me?



Hi @iyikafa ,

we have a very nice step-by-step guide how to create a first template here: Easy image editing: create templates in the Feed Image Editor | Feed Image Editor

In case you have created it already, all you have to do is to apply the template to product querry “All products” exclusively and save the template.

You may find the product querry list in Feed Image Editor in Template section, in the first card of control panel.

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Hi Marek,

Thanks for your response. I followed these steps but there is no changing. I guess i am doing something wrong. Could you check for me?


The changes you make are not in real time. The template is applied when Mergado rules are applied.
I applied them for you manually a while ago, so it should be OK for now.

Learn more about applying Mergado rules here: Applying rules