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CSV & XML feed editor

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Blending Bull is an application which helps marketing specialists and e-shop staff to edit data feeds in XML, CSV or other text formats. It provides powerful rules for feed editing or for connecting more data sources into one output file. It can be used efficiently for connecting data sources, preparing data for “smart” data editors (e.g. Mergado) or it can help solve problems which other editors cannot or only in a very complicated way.

:man_student: Answers to questions

How does Blending Bull work

:construction_worker_man: How does Blending Bull work

Blending Bull is a CSV & XML feed editor. It downloads one or more data sources. It can process data using rules. It creates one output file. This file can be processed by a third party systems. Mergado, shop system or another system.

What data feed formats can be processed

:running_shirt_with_sash: What data feed formats can be processed

CSV, XML, TXT, JSON… all text formats of data files. For detailed information visit :cow: What data feed formats can be processed by Blending Bull.

What are Blending Bull typical features

:unicorn: What are Blending Bull typical features

  • Fast data processing
  • Frequent data update
  • Support of various data formats
  • Low-level processing - processes data on the level of signs, their meaning is not considered
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Unlimited number of data files
  • Fixed price regardless the volume of processed data
  • Suitable for prototyping, testing, solving unusual problems
What is Blending Bull good for

:bride_with_veil: What is Blending Bull good for

Blending Bull will come handy mainly in situations when it is necessary:

  • to prototype, search, experiment and get to where other tools cannot reach
  • connect more input feeds
  • process data fast
  • “smarter” tools are excessively complex
  • cheap solution
How much is it (price)

:dollar: How much is it (price)

The price is EUR 11, or the corresponding sum in other currencies, per month. For detailed information visit :cow: How much is Blending Bull.

Can it be activated without Mergado?

:children_crossing: Can it be activated without Mergado?

It cannot be activated without a Mergado account, but it can be used in a way so that the Mergado services are free of charge. For detailed information visit :cow: Can Blending Bull be turned on without Mergado?

Who is the application author

Shopitak store, s.r.o. a member of the Profitak group holding.

Billing information:
Shopitak store, s.r.o.
Reg. ID: 09094822
VAT ID: CZ09094822
Pavlovská 12
623 00, Brno
Czech Republic

Contact address:
Shopitak store, s.r.o.
Minská 13
616 00, Brno

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