🐮 Can Blending Bull be turned on without Mergado?

Colleagues from Sweden sent a question. I thought it would be a good idea to write the answer also here. The question was:

:question: … Can Blending Bull be turned on without Mergado?

:evergreen_tree: My answer is going to be rather extensive

Blending Bull is an application available in the Mergado Store. What does it, in fact, mean in this case to turn on with/without Mergado? There are three parts. Blending Bull, however, needs only two of them:

Service Price Does Blending Bull need it? What does Bull need it for?
Mergado user account free of charge :white_check_mark: User authorisation, billing[1]
Mergado e-shop[2] free of charge :white_check_mark: Sharing access to specific users
Mergado export see price list :x: Not needed

Blending Bull loads data sources, process data and exports files independently. It can be used without product data in Mergado. A Mergado account is needed for the user authorisation and billing, Mergado e-shop is used to manage user access. They can be created in Mergado even without export and are free of charge.

:boxing_glove: Is Blending Bull a competitor for Mergado Editor?

I do not think so. The applications are quite different and they rather complement each other. It applies both to situations when it is beneficial to use both the applications or just one of them. But this is for a different discussion :wink:

  1. User’s identity verification by entering a username and password ↩︎

  2. Can be created independently without exports and is free of charge ↩︎