🐮 What data feed formats can be processed by Blending Bull

While getting materials related to the Blending Bull application ready for you, I came accross a question of what feed formats can be processed by it. It should be able to process all text data formats.

List of supported formats

  • XML
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • TSV
  • TXT
  • …other text data formats

Possible limitations

While working with Blending Bull, I have not come across any limitations so far. My guess, however, is that some limitations will emerge sooner or later. It is, for example, connecting more files with different coding that could cause troubles. In the output, Blending Bull does not transfer information about mime type at the moment. It is intentional because the implementation made some elements of the application more complex. I have not encountered any problems in loading into other applications so far. If you come across such problems, please write to me.