PPC Wolf - application details


What is the PPC Wolf

A Mergado Store app that automates product ads management in Google Ads and Sklik.

Brief description

PPC Wolf helps marketers automatically create and maintain ads for Google Ads and Sklik PPC searches. It is a follow-up to Mergado, which provides data acquisition and editing. PPC Wolf takes product data from the Mergado API. It provides creating ad groups, ads, keywords and sends them to Google Ads or Sklik. It collects PPC system feedback and displays any errors to a user in its administration.


What is the goal of the PPC Wolf?

To link data from Mergado API with Google Ads API and Sklik API. It is not the goal to replace the administration of these advertising systems. We believe that Google offers many handy tools that do not need to be built a second time. However, it is necessary to fill the PPC system with current data and keep them up to date. That’s the goal of PPC Wolf.

What tools has the PPC Wolf to offer?
  • You can create an unlimited number of campaigns.
  • You can connect to various exports of an online store.
  • Support for data queries in Mergado.
  • You can create ad campaigns, reports, ads, keywords, etc.
  • It supports variables from Mergado.
  • You can validate data before sending it to a PPC system.
  • It displays ad system responses (in case of errors).
  • A clear user interface.
  • It sends data to PPC systems soon after data regeneration in Mergado.
How much does it cost?

The price is 39 EUR / 986 CZK or corresponding amounts in other currencies per month. The price is fixed and includes all parts of the app. The price does not change with the increasing number of items or the frequency of data regeneration.

Can it be turned on without Mergado?

No, but it can be used so that Mergado services are free.

Who is the author of the app?

The company Shopitak store, s.r.o. Member of the Profitak group holding.

Billing information:
Shopitak store, s.r.o.
IN: 09094822
VAT: CZ09094822
Pavlovsk√° 12
623 00, Brno
Czech Republic

Contact address:
Shopitak store, s.r.o.
Minsk√° 13
616 00, Brno


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