Manage PPC campaigns with MERGADO

What is PPC?

PPC (or performance marketing) is one of the segments of online marketing. When using this type of online advertising, the advertiser pays per click on their ad. PPC intends to generate as many conversions from clicks to the user’s online store as possible. It is one of the most commonly used advertising methods for sellers to get customers to their products.

Advantages of PPC

  • It can bring relevant traffic immediately after deployment (unlike SEO, where an advertiser can wait months for the result to show, for example).
  • You can achieve the desired results relatively quickly and without significant effort.

Disadvantages of PPC

  • The campaigns have to be constantly checked and optimized. Poorly managed campaigns can consume the entire budget and bring no profit.
  • Google can restrict your advertising if you violate some of its rules, putting you at a disadvantage against your competitors. In the worst case, it can even shut the campaign down.
  • That means poorly set up campaigns may bring clicks, but not the most crucial thing - conversions.


Quality PPC campaigns aren’t everything. Additionally, you need to optimize the ad wording or content used directly on the product card. Don’t omit any work on each part of the marketing mix.
If you handle the mentioned tasks correctly, the conversion rate of your ads will increase.

Automation is the key

Professional PPC specialists do not rely on manual setups anymore. Today they focus on effective automation. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Eliminating manual tasks gives you more time and space to analyze data and plan strategies…
  2. In addition, some tasks are now practically impossible without automation:
  • updating listings daily - e.g., prices across tens of thousands of products
  • editing categories for a large number of items
  • increasing the click-through rates
  1. You can bulk-check your advertising and evaluate its success.
  2. You can easily manage and optimize in bulk:
  • bidding
  • product pairing
  • element content
  • etc.
  1. You will update campaigns:
  • for products that are no longer in stock
  • for products where the price has changed
  • pausing campaigns in which you are unable to sell products
  • changing campaigns that are not working
  1. Create new campaigns in bulk:
  • typically - if you want to work with hundreds or thousands of ad sets of the same type, you can’t set them all up manually

What PPC systems exist

The most commonly used PPC systems include:

  1. product search engines:
  • Google in particular
  • in the Czech Republic, for a long time established
  1. comparison sites:
  • Heureka
  • Zboží.cz
  1. marketplaces:
  • Facebook, for example

How MERGADO helps PPC specialists

MERGADO Editor simplifies the uploading of your product catalog to sales portals. It’s time-saving because it works in an automated way and is based on the bulk use of product selections. Therefore, with the assistance of MERGADO, you can instantly create all the ads you need in no time. As you can make the settings in the tool by yourself, you will not need to outsource this task to a programmer anymore.

With MERGADO you will automate all the tasks required for setting up PPC ads:

The most common types of tasks the MERGADO editor is used for:

  • product segmentation
  • product labeling
  • category mapping
  • feed audit
  • editing TITLE and DESCRIPTION elements
  • importing data from Google Sheets
  • master feed creation
  • rounding prices
  • feed conversion to Google format

Summary: MERGADO Editor helps you generate more profit with less cost. By advertising quality data only, you’ll gain a significant advantage over your competitors.