Ordelogy Orders - Release notes

The app is in beta. For any problems, please write to Mergada support or ordelogy@ordelogy.com. Post ideas for other features or connections in the same places.

About aplication

The Ordelogy Orders application makes it easier for you to work with orders from multiple e-shops or a combination of e-shops and marketplaces.

You can transfer orders from one e-shop to another.

You can have information about new orders sent to your e-mail or chat tool.


  • Downloading and updating orders from points of sale to Ordelogy.
  • Import orders from one e-shop to another.
  • Sending notifications of new orders to email or Discord chat.
  • Changing the status of orders and payments directly in Ordelogy.
  • Editing of billing and delivery data.

Supported e-shop systems:

  • Eshop-quickly
  • UpGates
  • WooCommerce

Supported systems for sending information about orders:

  • Discord chat
  • Balikobot
  • by e-mail

Connection in progress:

  • Alza Market

Examples of use

  • Overview of orders from all e-shops and marketplaces you use.
  • Synchronization of orders from multiple e-shops into one.