What data is processed by Scraping Camel (privacy policy)

For Scraping Camel to work, it needs to process your data. I’ll explain here what that data it is. In general, you can see all the data that Scraping Camel processes in its administration. It doesn’t hide any secrets in the background.

You can get a concrete idea after going through the guide to creating a new “website” in Scraping Camel. It shows you what data it processes and what it does with it.


From the MERGADO API, Scraping Camel takes only the basic information necessary to authorize a user who wants to work with Scraping Camel’s administration.


The mission of Scraping Camel is to download web pages, process the found data, and provide it to the user. In doing so, it applies:

  • Data is retrieved from public websites. Scraping Camel downloads the web page as an external user sees it (e. g. in a web browser). Therefore, anyone can access this data without restriction.
  • The user determines what data will be processed in the element settings.
  • After deleting the “web page” in the administration, Scraping Camel deletes the stored data. The data will continue to be stored in backups for approximately 14 days. After that, it will disappear completely. These backups are intended to restore the entire application in case of failure. The backup data is not processed in any way. They are used to restore the application as a whole. We restore individual web pages separately.
  • It only processes data from domains to which the user has demonstrated a relation (e. g. by inserting a META tag into the site, setting a DNS record, etc.). If the site processes your domain, it means someone from your team, a cooperating marketing expert, or an agency has set it up. The user cannot process other domains in Scraping Camel!
  • The speed and frequency of domain URL crawling are determined by the user in the application settings.

Google API

The user can prove his access to the domain using, among other things, the Google Search Console API. This service tells Scraping Camel whether the user has access to the domain. Scraping Camel does not get any other information from the Google API.

Other information

  • Your data is “only yours.” The authors of Scraping Camel do not provide information about your settings to any outside party.
  • Scraping Camel AI learns from user data. In practice, this means that data collected from websites can lead to improvements in AI algorithms.
  • Domains used by Scraping Camel:
    • https://app.scrapingcamel.com/ This domain runs the core of the app. The user probably doesn’t come into contact with it or only rarely. It is because the application is available in the MERGADO administration environment.
    • https://store.mergado.com/detail/scrapingcamel/ is the default application page in the MERGADO Store. Here you can find information about the app and the option to turn the app on or off.

Article topics: privacy, user data protection