MERGADO Editor now supports Google Analytics 4

We taught MERGADO to work with Google Analytics 4 data. The current Google Universal Analytics will stop processing data on July 1, 2023. You will still have access to it for a few months, but if you want to continue to measure your advertising performance, you need to learn how to use GA4.

How to start using Google Analytics 4 data in MERGADO Editor

Link your MERGADO Keychain to your GA4 profile

To set up GA4 as a data source in MERGADO Editor, it’s not enough to have a previous Universal Analytics connection. You must first link your GA4 profile to MERGADO Keychain.

New rule Set UTM parameters

To make GA4 data usable, we have also expanded the options for setting UTM parameters in the Set UTM Parameters rule. The changes were made within:

  • mandatory “utm_id”
  • new “utm_source_platform” option

Setting GA4 as data source for MERGADO Editor

In MERGADO you can select GA4 as your data source now. Everything works similarly to Universal Analytics. After setting up the connection to GA4, the statistics will then be downloaded directly to the MERGADO Editor. To:

  • list of all exports, where new columns Clicks, Orders and Sales will be created

  • statistical data that are in the Analytics section

(Note: We created the image on a test account that cannot use any data until 1/7/23).

In case of any discrepancies, please feel free to contact our technical support.