[RELEASE] Mergado Pack v3.5 for WooCommerce - Google Analytics 4

:tada: Mergado Pack v3.5 with Google Analytics 4

Version of plugin: 3.4
Release date: 02/08/2022
Requires: WooCommerce
Minimal PHP: 7.1+

News: :new:

  • We added to the plugin a long awaited feature - :tada: Google Analytics 4 -
    • In addition to the basic events that the script sends by default, the plugin sends additional events for tracking ecommerce.
      You can read the full list of events in our Help Support | Mergado Pack
    • We have implemented the events according to the official google specification. However, events do not send all available parameters according to the specification.
    • Just like in Universal Analytics, the module allows you to set up automatic refund events on certain order statuses or on partial order refunds in WooCommerce.

The GA4 function is the first BETA version, if you find any bugs or if you miss an important event or its parameter, please let us know.

We will be glad for any suggestions :pray:

  • On the Support page in the plugin administration, we have added the option to reset the security hash. Pressing this button will generate a new code that is at the end of all feed and cron URLs.
    You will use this feature if, for example, someone misuses your feed URLs. After the reset, the original addresses will be inactive.

  • We have moved the Refund settings directly to the GA Universal Analytics settings.


Bugfixes: :wrench:

  • Rework of Google Ads
  • Modification of saving a custom field after order creation to prevent multiple sending of conversion events (OrderConfirmed).

The plugin is available in these languages:

  • :globe_with_meridians: English
  • :czech_republic: Czech
  • :slovakia: Slovak
  • :poland: Polish
  • :hungary: Hungarian

:arrow_down: - You can download the Mergado Pack v3.5 plugin for WooCcommerce from the official platform (WordPress Plugins). Or from our webiste pack.mergado.com

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