🐮 How to add a header to a CSV feed where there is no header

My colleague Vladimír once needed to process data from a CSV feed. It, however, did not contain a header with the names of “columns”. Data started immediately on the first line. A client distinguished individual elements according to the order of a column in a file. The order did not change.


The goal was to process data in Mergado. On the first line, Mergado expects names of columns with values. The first line would be used for element names even if we did not want it.


The solution could be offered by Blending Bull. It contains the "Insert text at the beginning of a file” rule. The solution would be as follows:

Please note that the first line with data is finished with a line break. Without it, the header would not be on an extra line.

The solution is easy and you can click it yourselves in the Bull in a :wink:.