Bulk rewriting by query


This rule allows you to completely overwrite the original values of the element and set new values that will be different for individual product selections. All in one rule. This is a very useful rule that belongs to the often used ones.

If the product is included in multiple queries, the last value listed will be used.


If you divide your products in the Products site into price levels (cost up to 1000, 1000 - 3000, 3000 - 5000, over 5000) and then you want to set different cost-per-clicks for these product groups, you set everything easily with the Overwrite in Bulk rule.

Just select an element you want to overwrite (for example, HEUREKA_CPC) and then select a specific product selection on the left side of the rule. On the right, set a value for the selected element.


  • price selection up to 1000 … cost per click: 5

  • price selection 1000 - 3000 … cost per click: 8

  • price selection 3000 - 5000 … cost per click: 11

  • price selection over 5000 … cost per click: 15


On the left, you can use the “Pre-Fill Left Side” link to retrieve all the product selections available to you. Unnecessary values can be deleted by the delete icon. They can also be ignored. If the right side of the rule is not filled, such a line is not saved. You can fill in the values only for those lines that you want to save.