News and Releases in Mergado

A new version of Mergado

Release date and time

Wednesday 16/01/2019 3 pm

Over the Christmas holidays, a number of updates and bugfixes have accumulated. We hope you like them!

Top new features

  • Product tracking

    • This new tool allows you to easily analyze a product and track the changes throughout the rules’ application process. Thanks to this feature you will know what happens to the attributes’ values for a given product as rules are applied.
    • How to use this tool?
      • On the Products page, a new icon image was added to each product allowing you to activate tracking for the following 24 hours.

      • When rules are being applied, Mergado will track and save changes made by those rules to products that have the tracking enabled.

      • There are two ways to preview the results:

        1. By clicking the icon for a given product on the Products page you can preview changes from the last rules’ application.
        2. All changes are available to preview by clicking a particular record from the rules’ application on the History page.
      • 24 hours after activation, the tracking is automatically disabled. However, you are free to enable it again.

  • Bulk import of queries

    • A new button was added on the Products page. It allows you to bulk import queries from other export that you have access to.
    • The old way of importing queries (“one-by-one”) was canceled.
  • Custom format update

    • The form for mapping attributes is now colored. Now you can easily distinguish embedded attributes.
    • A new “Reset” button was added.
    • You can now preview an example of an attribute value.
    • General improvements that are visible “at first glance”, but make life easier both to the user as well as to our admins.
  • Feed audit was optimized and is now faster.

    • It should now cope better with larger feeds.

Other updates and bugfixes.

  • Rules’ application process was optimized to make it faster.
    • Evaluating the queries on the input was optimized to make it faster.
    • Pairing rule for the Heureka Watchdog app was optimized to make it faster.
  • Mergado Store: A new filter was added to the list of exports for which you can enable or disable an app.
  • Deleting saved queries on the Products page was improved. When deleting a query, the page does not reload so you don’t lose your current query settings.
  • The system for suggesting values of an attribute was improved.
  • The bug causing a UI failure in exports with ~ 100 000+ different attributes was fixed.
  • The transfer of the AVAILABILITY attribute for the Google Shopping attribute was fixed and improved.
  • The format was added.
  • The and formats were fixed to match the current specifications.
  • The Olcó format was fixed to ensure correct CDATA attribute implementation.
  • The Kelkoo format was updated.
  • Developers: In the list of entities (export or store) with an enabled app, you are now able to see if that entity has an active Mergado account.
  • Mergado Store: a table with entities was fixed
  • App disabling was fixed on the Enabled apps page for stores.
  • Import of CSV with empty rows was fixed.
  • Store name detection from feed was improved.
  • Many other smaller bug fixes and improvements.

Mergado may encounter short blackouts around the time of the release.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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A new version of Mergado

Release date and time

Wednesday 30/01/2019 3 pm

News and repairs in Mergado

  • In the import tool, you can filter by query’s name .

  • Editing custom format has been moved two levels above. We’ve also added paging for better orientation.

  • We have optimized the compilation of MQL (a language which defines product query) with a large number of parameters (thousands or more).

    • In tests, for such large queries (e.g., a query with an IN operator, where 10000+ values ​​are present), we’ve recorded an acceleration from minutes to seconds .
    • This optimization affects the speed of making queries on the Products page as well as the speed of preparation before applying the rules.
  • At the user instigation from our forum, we now show the icon for downloading the CSV with a list of products as well in the product listing page.

  • In the Heureka Watchdog app, we have fixed a bug that caused fault product counts in different situations.

  • In the rules list, the Rename Categories in Bulk rules now display the element name for the categories according to the current output format.

  • Format is renamed to Shoptet S upplier . We also made the same changes in the Slovak version of the format.

  • We have updated the Feed Audit for format according to its current specification.

  • We have updated and fixed the and 1 formats according to their current specifications.

  • We have fixed an error in paging on the main export overview page.

  • We have corrected the error for, which caused the PREZZO price element not to be correctly matched during the conversion.

  • We have corrected the product card link at if the product has such an address available.

  • We have taken further steps with the goal of preventing the occasional cancellation of the Keychain-Google Analytics connection.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A new version of Mergado

Release date and time

monday 08/04/2019 3 p.m.

Major changes

  • We have added support for block comments in MQL (product selection query language) in format /
  • … comment … */` .
  • For better protection against accidental deletion, you will now need a double confirmation when deleting the online store.


  • We have released validation of element names before the final export of XML feeds - now it is possible to export parameters whose names end with a colon .
  • We’ve accelerated the XML import process if the input XML file is valid.
  • Exporting XML files has also undergone slight optimization. On test data, we tracked up to 50% acceleration in the final data feed export.


  • The Overwrite in Bulk rule on the right side now tells values that are already used on the right.
  • For the Rename Categories in Bulk rule, the names of the input and output elements for the categories are also displayed on the Rules page.
  • If a rule applying process is in progress for a given export, its progress is shown at the top of the page in Mergado - with a click-through icon for detailed information . This feature is in the test phase and we’re fine-tuning it.
  • We fixed a bug in the shipping pricing rule.

Custom format

  • We fixed a bug that occurred when a Custom format was used as input and output as one export .
  • We fixed a bug when exporting nested elements to a Custom format if more than one was defined for that format.
  • For custom formats, parameter and carrier names can now include a vertical character.

Send us your ideas to our technical support.