Translating Parrot - Feed translating tool

A new app was added to the Mergado Store for translating feeds into other languages. It is called “Translating Parrot” and currently is in version 0.1 rather than 1.0. It can help with translations of product data from suppliers and certainly in many other situations.

The main limitation of the current version of the app is now the size of the translation. Please do not translate feeds much larger than 1000 products (in the near future the volume will increase). Translations are very demanding on performance, we are working on optimizing the translation and adding a more suitable HW.

The beta version has a number of bugs, some of which we are working on, some of which we may not even know about. Therefore, your feedback on the use of the app, the quality of outputs, what would you improve, etc. will help us a lot.

It is currently possible to translate any combination of these languages:

  • :czech_republic: Czech
  • :slovakia: Slovakian
  • :uk: English
  • :de: German
  • :poland: Polish
  • :hungary: Hungarian

The translation takes place only after the application of all Mergado rules, so the feed can be modified before the translation.

Limitations we currently know about:

  • Size: Feeds up to about 1.000 products (so far). We are working on the optimization of SW and HW, which will move us to larger feeds, hopefully within weeks.
  • The feed must be in one language. Data with a mix of languages is a problem.
  • It does not translate abbreviations, e.g. h. shelves
  • Translation takes many times longer than normal feed regeneration. It is thus suitable for data that does not need to be very up-to-date.
  • The app is currently only in English.

Setup guide: Translating Parrot - Translate your feeds and expand abroad - Mergado Store

Description in Mergado Store: Translating Parrot - Translate your feeds and expand abroad - Mergado Store

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The release of a new version of Translating Parrot is approaching.

The main point is to speed up the translation process, thanks to which it will be possible to translate larger feeds quickly enough. We expect it will be possible to translate feeds with up to 30,000 products, maybe even bigger (we’ll see after the tests).

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