Cron Runner ⏱️ - Release notes

A few months ago we added a new app into Mergado Store. The app is Cron Runner. It helps you trigger processes on your site/sites.


It simply schedules and triggers processes like product imports, plugin upgrades, etc. through crons.

Wait for a second, you probably have cron scheduling ability on your hosting for free. So why use Cron Runner?

Why use Cron Runner

If you trigger imports of products more often, your SEO could benefit. Sometimes a lot, see case-study below. Common hostings usually have pretty limited cron options.

Check out how triggering product imports improved SEO and revenue:

In the Cron Runner, you can run crons for more websites and pay just for one. You’ll have crons for all your websites in one place.

Check out Cron Runner app in Mergado Store

When the app is useful

  • You want to have all your crons from one or more websites on one dashboard.
  • You need to set up crons easily.
  • You want to earn more revenue from organic traffic (SEO).

How to set up crons:

In-app screenshots:

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Some time has passed, and we came with a new Cron Runner version.

Now you can limit crons to specific days of a week.

You can, for example, trigger crons every 10 minutes but on weekends only.

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We extended Cron Runner’s trial period to 30 days.

Try it to run tasks on your website and get a head start on the competition, read more in the article:

Try Cron Runner

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