[RELEASE] Mergado Pack 2.5 for Woocommerce

Mergado Pack plugin for WordPress WooCommerce
Version of plugin: 2.5.0
Release date: 8/01/2020
requires WooCommerce

News: :new:

  • Árukereső Trusted Store :hungary:   - First big new feature :wink:
    If you are selling or planning to sell on this Hungarian comparison shopping site, you will definitely appreciate the Trusted Shop widget feature.

    • This feature enables customer reviews for Árukereső in your online store. In the last step of the order, a customer can agree to be sent a questionnaire. You can edit the text of the displayed consent in the plugin administration.
      When you reach a certain number of positive reviews, a floating widget will appear on your site.
    • You can adjust the position of the widget and the display of the widget on mobile devices in the Mergado Pack administration.
  • Google Customer Reviews - Second big new feature :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
    You can now activate the Google Customer Reviews feature. This function activates a script that, after a successful order, displays a pop-up window with consent to collect Google customer reviews. Average ratings and reviews for your store will begin appearing across Google Network wherever your store profile is displayed.
    You can also add a Google ranking widget to your site.

    • To activate this feature you need to fill in the Merchant ID from your Google Merchant Center.
    • In the settings, you must choose which field will be used for the GTIN identifier. You can choose from the standard WooCommerce SKU or other meta fields added by external plugins. The second option is especially useful when using external plugins for EAN codes.
    • You can choose a number of days after an order when the email will be send to customers.
    • You can set up the position where the pop-up window with the consent will be displayed, as well as the position of the floating widget itself.
      There is also a pre-prepared Inline HTML element available in the administration, which you can insert anywhere on the page. The Google Customer Reviews widget will appear in its place.
  • We have made the batch export feature available for the Heureka availability feed and Mergado category feed.

  • To collect customer reviews for the Zboží.cz service, the customer’s consent is now required in an opt-in style in the last step of the order. You can edit the consent text again in the plugin administration.


Bugfixes: :wrench:

  • Fixed bugs with entering ID for Google services. You can enter the ID with or without the prefix (AW-, GTM-,…)
  • Fixed a bug with exporting products already deleted in the WooCommerce administration.


The plugin is available in these languages:

  • :globe_with_meridians: English
  • :czech_republic: Czech
  • :slovakia: Slovak
  • :poland: Polish
  • :croatia: Croatian


:arrow_down: - You can download the Mergado Pack 2.5.0 plugin for WooCcommerce from the official platform (WordPress Plugins). Or from our webiste pack.mergado.com


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