Price estimation for an automatic translation in MERGADO Translate

Do you want to know in advance the approximate price of automatic translation in MERGADO Translate? We have a price estimation function for you.

How price estimation works

The rule calculates the number of characters in the export elements you want to translate. It multiplies the number of characters by the volume price for translation in the translator you are using.

It then checks for duplicate texts in the feed, translating those only once, and calculates the price without duplicates. This should be your price per translation.

The calculation does not take into account credits that you may have in free translators or as part of the basic package.

Creating a price estimate

  1. Go to the Rules page and click the Create Estimate button.

  1. Fill in all the fields in the form and click Create.

Where can I see the calculated price estimate?

When the price estimate is complete, you will find the result on the History page and we will send you a notification to MERGADA.