🛠️ Planned maintenance

:loudspeaker: We are announcing a larger planned Mergado downtime at night from Monday 25 January to Tuesday 26 January 2021. We will start on Monday January 25 at 8 pm GMT+1 and the planned scenario will be roughly as follows:

  • :construction_worker_man: January 25, 2021 8 pm GMT+1 overnight shutdown, keep your fingers crossed for us here :crossed_fingers:
  • :warning: January 26, 2021, from the morning hours gradual loading of products after night intervention, the expected range is about 20 hours when we announce a higher system load + exports will not see items on the Products page before the first regeneration, but they will reappear after the first regeneration.
  • Output feeds from Mergado will be available throughout the downtime :white_check_mark: , so that individual services will be able to download the feeds on a regular basis.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this big service intervention, but it is very important for us - and ultimately for you. :pray: :peace_symbol::heart:


Scheduled maintenance

On Monday, April 12, 2021, between 8 pm and 11 pm GMT+1 the main Mergado database :oil_drum: will be migrated to a new server, which speeds up Mergado in the future. :rocket:

In this interval, there will be two approx. 5 minutes long outages of the entire application.

During outages, errors may appear in the user interface and in the export History of currently processed feeds, which are then regenerated again.

UPDATE: maintenance not yet finished | apps work in the original mode | new date to be announced

:warning: :mergado:
Mergado is planning a maintenance. During this time the connection to some Mergado Store apps may not work. Availability of your output feeds will not be affected.

Affected apps :red_circle::

  • Kvinono
  • Mergado Logbook
  • Mergado Pages
  • Pairing Bear
  • Pricing Rank
  • Seznam Index Checker
  • Sklik GA Importer
  • Sklik GA Importer Mini
  • Symlink Stork
  • Mergado ToDo List
  • URL Checker
  • Weekday Bidding Booster

Not affected apps** :green_circle::

  • Bidding Fox
  • Bidding Fox Elements
  • Blending Bull
  • Cron Runner
  • Feed Image Editor
  • eM Files
  • Monitoring Horn
  • Ordelogy KeyWords
  • Ordelogy Mini
  • PPC Wolf
  • Pricing Fox
  • Scraping Camel
  • Translating Parrot
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