Pinterest & Mirakl feed format

Hi Guys,

Any news on new feed Formats ?

  2. MIRAKL marketplace platform


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Hey Matthieu,

  1. I guess it’s possible to create at least the Pinterest XML format through Mergado’s custom format. You put a feed you have available on input and convert it to custom format that will be set up as Pinterest XML (see specification).

  2. Do you think Mirakl accepts XML feeds? I found information about API connection only.

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Hi @matthieu and greetings to :brazil: Brasil,
Regarding new formats, due to finishing large project implementation in the Mergado backend, we will be able to restart adding new formats in the 2Q of 2022.

However, as @Martin_Ctvrtnicek mentioned, if you need to create a feed in a format that is not yet supported by Mergado, our Custom format may be able to temporarily help. You will need a sample feed in a format you want to achieve, e.g. Pinterest sample XML or CSV. Then follow these steps:

  1. Visit New Custom format page
  2. Fill in the sample feed URL
  3. Mergado will analyze the feed and display available elements
  4. Map each element from the input feed (left) to the element from Mergado XML specification
  5. If no element from the list is relevant, just select “Save as it is”, Mergado will import the element and you can then work with it in Rules later.
  6. When finished, click Save
  7. Create a new export from your regular input feed
  8. In the “Output format” step, type the name of your saved Custom format and find it in the list
  9. When finished, use Rules to optimize the feed.

If you need help with the above, let us know at

Regarding Miracl format, can you help us with finding the specification for the connection? If yes, send any info to my email.
Thank you