🌟 News and Releases in MERGADO

New version of Mergado

Release date and time

Wednesday 24 May 2023 15:30


  • :apple: Introducing the user regeneration scheduler.
    • Through it, you can set the ideal time when you want Mergado to regenerate your project.
    • In the first version, it allows you to set two time slots per day with a minimum of 6 hours apart.
    • :mag_right: You can find it in the user interface under the project on the Regeneration page.
    • For more information about the user scheduler, see :spiral_notepad: in the forum article.

    :information_source: The user scheduler is available only for Mergado 2 projects.

  • :watermelon: We have updated the specifications for the :czech_republic: :slovakia: Shoptet CSV formats.
    • The pairCode element will now always be present in the output feed.
    • The relationships between the value of the element with the universal MERGADO XML meaning CONDITION and the value of the Shoptet element itemType are as follows:
      • CONDITION = "new" is converted to itemType = "product" and vice versa.
      • CONDITION = "used" is converted to itemType = "bazaar" and vice versa.
    • The element weight (weight) now does not convert units (kg, lb, etc), but only the numeric value.
  • :kiwi_fruit: We have also updated the specifications for the format :czech_republic: :slovakia: Shoptet universal.
  • :cheese: We have improved the format converters for :earth_africa: Kaufland:
    • The value 0 in the element with universal Mergado XML meaning DELIVERY_DAYS will be converted to formats for Kaufland as the value 1 in the handling_time element.
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Modifications in auditech feeds:
    • Revised and updated audit feeds for formats from :earth_africa families: Kaufland Marketplace - Offer and :earth_africa: Kaufland Marketplace - product.
    • In general, we have improved the autodetection of formats from the Kaufland family.
    • When displaying results for the validator Element EAN contains an invalid value, we now correctly highlight the EAN element for the product.
  • :rocket: We have implemented optimizer for MQL queries entered by the user on the Products page.
    • Currently it focuses mainly on the following cases:
      • Queries with equality over the same element, i.e. a = 'a' OR a = 'b' OR a = 'c' OR a = ..., are converted to the form a IN ('a', 'b', 'c', ...).
      • Queries with the multiple operator CONTAINS over a single element - that is, a CONTAINS 'a' OR a CONTAINS 'b' are converted to the regular expression form a ~= '(a)|(b)'.

      :information_source: the optimizer operates transparently. That is, externally - from the user’s point of view - the specified MQL remains in unchanged form, but if Mergado finds that the query could be streamlined before running the query itself, it converts it into a better form in the background.

  • :avocado: UI: The Rules page has been rewritten into more modern code. This will make it easier to improve in the future.
    • As part of this, we have resolved some ailments, such as in certain cases problematic moving rules around app rules when the app rule was at the top of the rules list.
  • :candy: Duplicating a rule within a project now works by inserting the duplicate rule at the position after the original. Previously, the duplicate was inserted at the end of the rule list.
  • And other minor improvements and fixes.

Platform :wrench:

  • Individual app rules that have the property is_movable = 1 set and are also prioritized next to each other are blinded together when moved by the user. The user then moves the entire group when moving rules, and the rules in that group maintain their position relative to each other.

You may experience minor Mergado outages at the times indicated. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we deploy the new version.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.