Monitoring Horn 📯 - Release notes

In the fall we added the Monitoring Horn app to the Mergado store. You will appreciate it when you need to check the availability of websites or their parts. It is suitable, for example, for checking purchased banners or backlinks that you have on other people’s websites.

Settings and functionality of the Monitoring Horn application

You set individual monitors (rules) in the application:

  • The name of the rule for your recognition.
  • The URL of the page which availability you want to monitor , or where is the text or link you want to check.
  • The text / URL of the link which existence/non-existence you want to check .
  • After how many checks that end up in an error, we should send you an email notification.
  • On what e-mail address you should be notified when the scan ends in error.
  • How often the rule should be checked , currently every 10 minutes, every hour, or daily.

The app regularly , at set intervals, visits the specified URL of the page and checks its availability or the occurrence/absence of the entered text or URL of the link on the page.

You don’t need to have active exports for the application to work. When using the application, you do not have to pay for Mergado, if you do not use it for it.

What is the app suitable for

To check site availability:

  • You want to verify that your website works 24/7 and there are no technical barriers that prevent visitors/customers from browsing your site.
  • If you expect a peak in visitors number, associated with the Christmas season , for example, you need to verify that your server/hosting can handle increased traffic .

To check your ads :

  • You want to check regularly that a link or banner you paid for is still on the page where you purchased it.

More information

You can find a more detailed description on the application page in Mergado Store.


We extended Horn’s trial period to 30 days.

The app monitors your external links or the availability of elements on your site.

Try Horn Monitoring

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